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  1. Hello all and thank you for taking the time to look at this.

    I'm looking for a plugin that would allow me to create items that vanish after use and have a command tied to them. Like if I had a stick that would be used after a right/left click and would teleport you randomly. I've been looking for quite a bit, and haven't found anything that would fill those functions. I'm also looking for a repair gem plugin. Something that could be dragged onto a tool/weapon/armor and repair it fully. I saw it once on another server, but can't seem to recreate it. I'm stumped.

    Once again, thank you for taking your time to read this!
  2. CraftBook can do the first thing.

    CraftBook is one of my favourite plugins of all time thanks to its huge number of features which are all disabled by default. You can enable each feature individually. Put - CommandItems in the list of enabled features in the config after installing it and read the page on the command items feature on the CraftBook wiki.

    It’s extremely simple to use, yet it can do so much.
    Use the command /comitems add while holding the item you want to add to add a command item.

    For instance, you can create a stick, name it “Jump Stick,” and create a command item. You can then set it to run the command /effect give @p jump_boost 10 0 true, have it run as SUPERUSER, and set the click type to CLICK_RIGHT. This will make it so that any time a player right-clicks with a stick named “Jump Stick,” they get a jump boost I effect for 10 seconds that doesn’t have particle effects. You can also set it to require a permission, add a cooldown, add a delay after which a new set of commands are run, make the item be kept on death, and more.
  3. I've never used this plugin, but seems to be what you're looking for, as for the one time use, you could add another command that clears the item from the player
  4. Actually, CraftBook’s command item feature has an option to make an item consumable, so if a player right-clicks with it, it gets removed from their inventory and runs one or more commands. It’s highly configurable. I use it on my own (upcoming) server.
  5. Wow, thank you both! I'm really not sure how I haven't found Craftbook before, but I'll give it a try! Thank you
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  6. No problem! CraftBook also has plenty of other phenomenal features, such as sign copying and editing (I use this all the time), custom mob and block drops, redstone-controlled jukeboxes, mod-like pipes, command signs, complicated integrated circuits, head drops (players and mobs drop their heads a percentage of the time), and so much more. Here’s the wiki page for mechanics; you can check out each different mechanic here. Each one is well-documented. Also, as mentioned, all mechanics are disabled by default, so you’ll never have features you don’t want. Each mechanic is also very configurable.

    Command items are definitely my favourite mechanic in CraftBook, though. One thing I didn’t mention was that you can also create command items that use other items from your inventory. For example, you can create an axe that uses redstone to repair itself. It’s a fantastic feature.

    Oh, and the click type (e.g., what the player needs to do to use a command item) has many more types than just left-click (CLICK_LEFT) and right-click (CLICK_RIGHT). You can make an item use a command when it’s dropped (ITEM_DROP), when it breaks due to running out of durability (ITEM_BREAK), when the player whose inventory the item is in dies (PLAYER_DEATH), and even when the player chats (PLAYER_CHAT).

    Command items are so ridiculously configurable that, if you want, you can create a golden axe named “Axe of Thor,” that, when the player wielding it says anything in the chat, strikes every player in the same world as that player with lightning, gives everyone $10 in in-game money, and then teleports everyone to spawn. A pretty weird example, but you could do it, if you wanted to.

    There’s also the click type PASSIVE, which lets you create items that passively run commands when held (or, in the case of armour, worn). You can set the delay—which, in this case, is the time between each instance of the command being run—to whatever you want, too.
    For example, you can create a stick that, when held, every 30 seconds, if the player has at least 5 bread and a bucket of milk in their inventory, heals the player and takes those 5 breads and that bucket of milk from them. Or you can create a helmet that gives the player night vision when worn. The possibilities are endless.

    I’m currently developing a server that’ll feature tonnes of custom-made items, many of which (but not all of them) are command items created with CraftBook. I’m really excited about it. Custom items aren’t the main focus, but they are a big part of it.

    CraftBook is like one huge modpack, except it’s a server plugin. I recommend using the latest dev build, available on EngineHub, as many critical bugs have been fixed. One of the devs, me4502, is quick to respond to any inquiry for help and also fixes bugs or implements requested (small) features or changes extremely quickly, which is very impressive considering how long this plugin has been around.

    CraftBook has existed since 2011! And it’s still going strong with frequent updates. It’s, hands down, one of the best plugins ever made, if not the best. I’d say it easily shares the number one spot with EssentialsX. Is that allowed? Okay, fine, it’s the second-best plugin ever made. Still, not too shabby.
  7. CraftBook is ok, I guess.