Spigot Item Restrict by CraftersLand 2.4.1

[1.6.4 - 1.12.2] Restrict item ownership, placement, usage, pickup, crafting, brewing, creative menu

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    Item Restrict by CraftersLand - [1.6.4 - 1.8.4] Restrict item ownership, placement, usage, pickup, crafting or from creative menu.

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  2. Hey your plugin is very cool, but i think there is a missing thing: Potions.
    I blocked them in RestrictedItems (- 373:8233:Fuerza II:No sirven) but i still can make them.
    Can you add it, please?
  3. Hi, where did you block it? ownership or crafting?
    Do you want to restrict that potion so nobody can have it? or just block it from brewing stand?
  4. I blocked it from crafting.
    And i want it for being blocked from brewing stand.
    For example. Can do strength I potion, but not Strenght II.
    Is this possible?
  5. I think it's possible, crafting only listens for crafting items, not brewing. Until i will add this potion brew restrict feature you can add the potion to ownership bans, it will not allow players to take it from brewing stand.
  6. Oh great :D and when would you add this?
  7. I already did some tests, and there is a way to do it, I will update it later on today. :p
  8. Oh great man!! you are very cool!! Thank you!!!
  9. i say its missing a "Per World" config its just cause i want to restrict some items in one but the other different items.
  10. There's an issue, i added the potions to BrewingBanned, but when it loads the plugins, it appears an issue:
    "Unable to read material entry: 373:8233:Fuerza:No sirve , from RestrictedItems.yml"
  11. Try adding ' ' Example
    - '373:8233:Fuerza:No sirve'
  12. It doesn´t work :/, I think its because it only allows to use 3 numbers after 373. For example: "373:123", if i do this loads the file, but if i use "373:1234" it appears the issue
  13. Hmm, we can do that using permissions nodes to bypass some items in some worlds, right? I'l plan to implement this

    I'm going to test this and search for a fix
  14. Thank you, i hope you find it.
  15. There is already a blacklist on spigot ^^
  16. Just did some debug, and found the issue, i'm uploading an update in few min :p

    Hi, what blacklist?
  17. Now is working Fine!! Thank you!!!
    A little thing, when you block a Level II potion, and you try to make it in the brewing stand, it takes the glowstone dust and dissapear, now you should give back the item to the player's inventory.
    This would be greate.
  18. Yes, the ingredient get's consumed, I think i can set the ingredient back in the brewing slot, but then we will get a loop as the brewing stand will keep trying brewing the potions. Setting it back into the player inventory can work if the player has the brewing inventory open, i'l check witch one is better