Spigot Item To Command 1.3 RELEASE

Want a certain material to run a(many) command(s)? This is the plugin for you!

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    Item To Command - Want a certain material to run a(many) command(s)? This is the plugin for you!

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  2. This is a neat plugin! Might have to give it a try some time.
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  3. I might be able to do some worlds, but if I make it world guard regions it will have to depend on world guard, and I don't want to make people use world guard.
  4. el plugins esta perfecto pero si le pones un comando a un item todos los item de ese material quedan con ese comando eso esta mal seria mejor que se solo el item que le das el comando sea el que ejecute el comando y también que se pueda bloquear en distintos mundos lo demás esta todo bien en el plugins
  5. Is it possible to make the item a one use item. i.e. it self destructs upon use
    What I am trying to do is have an object a player can buy that adds a permission and then it is destroyed so it can only be used once.
  6. One more thing...

    Is there a way to mass produce command items? Or do I have to do the commands by hand on each item?
  7. Is it possible to set the command to apply once per item?

    For example: - I would create some papers wich could give the player a certain permission. But i wouldn't want the player to give out the paper to everybody after he used it. So after he right clicks the paper the command won't be available anymore. Even more, the item could dissapear.
  8. Hi! im in need for this plugin. I really need this, but could you add so you can bind a command to shift to? so for an example:
    A player holds the item Sword when he left click he activates an command. And when the player rights clicks he activates an different command and so on. but also if the player just shift with the hold item he activates an different command. if u could add the shift it would be awesome!

    Best regards,
  9. I don't know if this is still an active project but it would be awesome if you added the ability to perform a command when you click on another player with the item. I was hoping to do a couple things like be able to click on someone with the item to teleport them to a jail cell or make custom weapons that effect enemies through commands (i.e. a lighting sword that strikes lightning on the person you hit)

    Another awesome feature would be that you tie a command to an arrow, then when the arrow is shot from a bow and impacts a surface, it runs a command. This could be used to spawn an explosion at the point of impact for exploding arrows and many other possibilities.

    Just some ideas I thought could help since you had nothing planned anyways. Thanks!
  10. is this plugin still being updated?
  11. can you please do a 1.11 update or help me i get an error when i try to add a command to an Arrow it says An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command plz help me man im trying to make a Huge Minigames Network and i want to use this plugin to add something extra to it
  12. For those who are having difficulties to add a command. Select the item you want to add the command to, then set the click (Right/Left or Both) and in the end, do /i2c addcommand x. For me it works on 1.12
  13. I tried to do /i2c addcommand, but it said "Unknown command, say /help for commands"
  14. Hello can you put my server plz? the name is Bekfastsalad Bekfastsalad Logo.png