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  1. I'll consider it, but I currently have enough work updating to 1.13. Adding this functionality is not that easy since it would require changes to the shop storage format as well as much of the core plugin code.
  2. Understood. Thats why I left it as a suggestion If it happens, I'll make the adjustments then.
  3. This is something I will be fixing in the 1.13 update. For now, I suggest sticking with Vault 1.5.6.
    As for the update, I'm hoping to be able to release it this weekend, but I'm going on holiday soon and have a very busy schedule. It might take a while...
  4. For those reading this: I'm still working on the new update, and it could still take quite a while since I've discovered some issues with my new code in case you have custom recipes in your server.

    For those that are getting Vault issues, please keep using Vault 1.5.6, as the current IFS version is not compatible with the new update. (new IFS version will be)
  5. Another update: work is still in progress on the update. All of the new features have been added, only the most difficult issue still remains, the price calculation code. Rest assured that I will get this done eventually. It's just not that straight forward and I no longer have the same amount of time available I used to.
    If you read this and have some questions, feel free to send me a pm!
  6. How will the file "" look like? Will there be the new IDs of items that Mojang invented in 1.13 (instead of "stone-0, stone-1...")?
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  7. How is the plugin progression into 1.13.x coming? I am waiting patiently for this.
  8. The status is currently the same as it was a week ago. All of the new features are finished, what needed to be updated for 1.13 has been updated. Only two issues remain:
    • New default prices
    • New price calculation code <- why the update is taking so long
    The new price calculation code is very complicated code I need to be able to spend a lot of time on. I have not yet been able to get it working as intended.
    For the technical people: it's a complicated recursive loop with backtracking.

    I know it's taking a long time. I know people are waiting, but sadly I'm just one person trying to make things work in the limited amount of time I have available.
  9. That's understandable, which is why I mentioned that I'm waiting patiently.
  10. I understand :) I didn't mean to sound annoyed. (but I kind of am in the sense that I'm not able to get this working as fast as I'd like)
    I'll be sure to let everyone know as soon as the update is there. It will be a big one.
  11. Good news. I've just managed to get past the biggest roadblock. Left to do before I can upload the update:
    • Some minor changes related to calculating prices based on damage
    • Making sure that price calculation takes into account amount of items
    • Adding default prices for every item needed. -> Most work
    I can't give an ETA yet, but I am happy that I've gotten past the biggest issue. More news to come!
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  12. woutwoot updated ItemFrameShops with a new update entry:

    5.0.0 - The one you've been waiting for

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  13. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on the new update. I've created a Discord server for IFS so the people using it can help each other. Link:
    The main plugin page is not updated with all the new features yet, but I'm afraid I'm running out of time today to do so.
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    5.0.1 - Fuel costs

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  15. woutwoot updated ItemFrameShops with a new update entry:

    5.0.3 - Custom shop titles, experimental reload support

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  16. Why is ItemFrameShop disabled when using the BagOfGold plugin?

  17. Do you also have Vault installed? Is Vault compatible with that plugin? Let me know and I'll look into it later.