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  1. Hi, it seems that using named items makes the {itemname} placeholder just returns empty instead
  2. Thanks for letting me know. I'll take a look.
    EDIT: I've been able to reproduce the bug and have fixed it. Will post an update soon.
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  3. woutwoot updated ItemFrameShops with a new update entry:

    6.0.5 - Fixed minor bug with item names

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  4. Hi there, sorry if this may be a "bad" question, but I wasn't a 100% sure, you really need a economy plugin to use this plugin, right? because I'd really like to use it, but we mostly use an item-based economy on our server, like buying stuff for emeralds or diamonds or gold, so I thought this looked cool, but it probably wouldn't work like that, like taking the items out of the players inventory, when they buy stuff. Thought I'd still ask though, looks really cool and simple.
  5. Hi! You do indeed need an economy plugin compatible with Vault to be able to use ItemFrameShops. A solution could be to use an economy plugin that supports item based economies. What you could also do is create some extra shops that players can sell their item based currency to so they get digital currency they can use on other shops.
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    6.1.0 - 1.15 Update, fixed /ifs list and added filters

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  7. Any way to disable bulk purchase discounts? I want to have flat exchange for a virtual currency to cash form both ways.
  8. Do you think this?

    Code (Text):
      discountPercent32: 0
      discountPercent64: 0
  9. For some reason my config file didn't have those lines (and many others), regenerated it and now everything seems fine!
  10. I'm sorry! I missed your message. Lemafor is correct indeed. You can also not give players the permissions for discounts and they should not get them (this is the preferred way of setting this up) Permissions are:
    • ifs.user.discount32
    • ifs.user.discount64
  11. IFS does not recognize BagOfGold as an economy plugin (BagOfGold is compatible with Vault).

    IFS does not recognize CMI as an economy plugin either, unless you have CMIEInjector installed.

    For IFS to work properly with BagOfGold I have to have CMIEInjector installed, disable manually the CMI economy system (by modifying the config.yml file) and then reload CMI.

    Please add compatibility with BagOfGold economy system.

    I'm using: Spigot 1.15.1 | IFS 6.1.0 | BagOfGold 2.8.9 | Vault 1.7.2
  12. Thanks for letting me know, this might be a simple fix. I'll take a look later today after work. If you want to try something before I have time to check, do this:
    Open BagOfGold as zip archive with something like 7-zip. Extract the plugin.yml and add a line with this on it: loadbefore: [ItemFrameShops]
    Then put the plugin.yml back in. Let me know if then it does work. If not, post me you server log. (the part where IFS loads and detects the economy and Vault)
  13. I opened the file and it's already integrated

    Code (Text):
    name: BagOfGold
    main: one.lindegaard.BagOfGold.BagOfGold
    version: 2.8.9
    description: BagOfGold is an Item based eConomy plugin, which replace Essentials Economy, craftConomy, Gringotts and similar plugins. Your money is in the Bag so be careful that you not loose the bag when you die. You can save some of your money the BagOfGold bank or in a protected chest.
    author: Rocologo
    depend: []
    loadbefore: [PerWorldInventory, Citizens2, Essentials, MobHunting, ItemFrameShops, Multiverse-Core]
    softdepend: [Reserve]
    api-version: 1.13
  14. Strange. I'm at work now so can't test. I think I've fixed compatibility with BagOfGold before. Can you provide me with IFS's startup logs? I'll be able to take a look this evening.
  15. Another problem: every time IFS has a problem, the config.yml file is replaced by this
    Code (Text):
    #ItemFrameShops config file. Information about a setting can be found above the setting using a comment like this.
    #More information can be found at:
    #If you have a problem, please use this page:
    #If you are going to set up prices, this page might come in handy:
    #Thank you for buying my plugin, I hope you enjoy using it!
      # Do not change these numbers!
      # They are used by the plugin for the /ifs layout command.
        sell1slot: 8
        sell32slot: 7
        sell64slot: 6
        sellAllSlot: 14
        buyAllSlot: 12
        buy1slot: 0
        buy32slot: 1
        buy64slot: 2
        previewSlot: 4
        inventorySize: 18
  16. First time I hear about this. Please send me your complete server log file.
  17. I love this plugin and the multiplier feature is a god send, but would it be possible to add a buymultiplier as a separate so I can create a margin for player shops
  18. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Try to give me a concrete example.
    There might be a better way to do this, but I need to understand what you're trying to do.