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  1. How it should work? For each type of item special chest with item frame?
  2. in EssX there are trade signs for shops, just click on the sign with item selected for trade and it is added to the quantity. Similarly, here, I installed a frame, selected an item, set everything up, then click with item on the frame to add
  3. Yes, I know it - I tested it some years ago. Plugin "ChestShop" is similar. But look at "Shopkeepers" plugin - it has very user friendly interface both for shop owners and buyers (players).
  4. I know there are other alternatives. I just bought this plugin a long time ago, and only then I found out that it was for adminshop, so I never used it, I hoped that there would be stores for players

  5. Hello, please tell me, does this plugin support dynamic price changes?
    For example, if players built a farm of Ender pearls and started selling them in huge quantities, can the price for them automatically decrease?
  6. It's a feature I've worked on a bit and I would like to have, but IFS does not support this for now. I do have a hard time getting people to help me with pricing since I'm not an active MC player any more. IFS is currently in a state where the vast majority of users is happy with it and adding complex things is just not something I currently feel comfortable with.

    I'm just being honest here: I've learned that features that only a small fraction of users will use are not worth spending a lot of time on for me. Player shops is another example. It would be nice yes, but I'm sure most buyers bought this plugin for admin shops because that is what it supports.
  7. When changing the value 'inventory.misc.shopMenuTitle: default' to use a different name, it does not appear in the GUI and when interacting with the store/frame the following error appears in console:

    Sorry bad english.
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