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  1. Hello there,

    Okay, so my question is: Is it possible to put a clickable link in book item? Im using the lastest version of ItemJoin plugin.

    Here is an example of default config:

    Code (Text):
        id: WRITTEN_BOOK
        slot: 8
        name: '&cServer Book'
        author: '&cServer Staff'
          - '&7'
          - '&7&oClick to open &c&oServer Book&7&o.'
          - '&7'
          - '&bYou can get this book on join!'
          - '&aThis book also supports &ccolor codes!'
          - ''
          - '&cHow do custom books work?'
          - ''
          - '&0You can set an &cauthor&0'
          - '&0as shown in the items.yml'
          - '&0I set it to &bItemJoin.'
          - ''
          - '<hover type="text" value="%player% of course!">"What is your name?"</hover>'
          - '&cHow do you create a new page?'
          - '<hover type="text" value="%player% of course!">"What is your name?"</hover>'
          - '&0As displayed to the left in the items.yml'
          - '&0Create a number to specify the new page number.'
          - '&cMakesure you put each number in order as shown.'
          - '&cCreating new pages should be pretty'
          - '&cstraight forward for'
        itemflags: item-store, hide-durability, inventory-modify, unbreakable, hide-attributes, death-drops, self-drops, placement
        triggers: join, respawn
        permission-node: ''

    I think there is some way to put link in there because i see this <hover type="text"...
  2. Have you tried to insert the link and click it? If I recall correctly as long as the url is formatted correctly you should be able to click the link from a book.

    you might need to set it as a click event with the action of opening the url. I did a small amount of googling and that seems to be the universal answer