Bukkit ItemJoin v5.0.3

Get custom items on join.

  1. Probably LoginSecurity that is causing this.
  2. I completely missed this post I never got an alert saying that he had replied. It does look like it is LoginSecurity.

    I will look into this some more and figure out which plugin it is for sure. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  3. I've removed the login security but still the items were gone TT
  4. Started looking through all the plugins and I can't seem to run into the same problem you are having.

    You have 2 options.

    1.) Increase the delay in the items.yml of ItemJoin until the items stay in the players inventory. (This would give the items after the plugin that keeps clearing your inventory does the clear, giving ItemJoin items after it).

    2.) Copy your plugins folder and start removing each plugin 1 by 1 (start and stop your server joining each time to see if your inventory clears or not) until you can figure out what plugin is clearing you inventory. Then fix whats wrong with it and add it back. I think its possible its LiteJoin that is causing this since it has a clear inventory option. Its possible something got messed up in the config (being improperly defined) and started causing the items to clear.

    Let me know what your plan is and I will help you as much as I can.
  5. Can I set the URL for the head?
  6. Currently no because this causes most servers to crash (has to do with how servers handle getting url requests), I am looking into this for v4.0 but atm its only player names.
  7. Please help why can't non-op get the items even they have permissions? why is it doing this? help
  8. This is because you didn't setup the permissions correctly. If you have a permissions-node defined under the items you must use that permission in the permissions group. Otherwise you have to use one of the two default permissions;

    Code (Text):
    description: Replace Name with the name of the specified item and WorldName with name of world to receive that item.
    default: false

    description: Gives permission to get all items from specified world.
    default: false

    (I recommend itemjoin.worldname.* as it would be easier)

    or you can set your own custom permission nodes for each item. See; https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/itemjoin-getting-started/
    just add permission-node: 'itemjoin.ultra' to your item. You can change the permission node to whatever you want just add the permissions to a permissions plugin afterwards.
  9. Thank you very much!
  10. Might I recommend removing support for multiverse, since its been broken since 1.11? Also, if you could support my_world and 1.12 that'd be great!
  11. There isn't any "real" support for multiverse, let alone its not really implemented. Multiverse handles most of ItemJoin's mechanics already. I won't remove support for it since adding it doesn't break ItemJoin and also if you use snapshots of Multiverse they work just fine for me. Basically what I am trying to say is there is no code in ItemJoin involving Multiverse. It simply checks if its set to true or false in the config.yml and if the plugin exists in the server. The reason for this it was just an incentive to get people to use a multi inventory plugin because that is how giving items on join plugins best function.

    You are wanting support for https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/myworld.3540/ correct?

    I am currently working on v4.0 of ItemJoin that will be released in the next few weeks. It contains support for 1.12 I just need to finish up a few things and get some bug testers ready. v4.0 is a huge recode of the plugin with a lot of new features and lag optimizations. I will post back in the discussions asking for bug testers soon and thats how you will know I am ready to release it.

    EDIT: It seems that nothing breaks with the latest 1.12 update but either way I have already added support with optimizations for it and it will be out soon.
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  12. What is it exactly you want me to add support for from MyWorld? Asking makes it easier on me instead of trying to figure out something that is incompatible xD
  13. ItemJoin v4.0 is officially compiled and ready for testing, if you would like to participate in testing the snapshots you can DM me and ill send you the link to our jenkins server. This update is an extremely large recode and everything in the items.yml has changed, as well as how items are handled so a full reset of items would be required. This is why I am trying to take my time on this update so when it is released there is nothing game breaking and it to be a smooth transition for you guys.

    Testing will go for the next week and if only minor things pop up I will fix them and upload it for release.
  14. Can I set items left and right to perform different commands?
  15. In v4.0 you can. It will be released in the next week once bug testing has concluded.
  16. Sweet!
  17. What is the infinity enchantment? I can't seem to get it working
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