Spigot ItemRenamePlus 1.0

best Plugin To Rename Your Tool with it

  1. imLore submitted a new resource:

    ItemRenamePlus - ItemRenamePlus

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  2. Next Plugin : AntiRegenPlus
    do you have an server with regen hackers ?
    this what you will need because it remove the The
    First 6 Hunger so the regen hack wont work with him ><
  3. I agree that would be a nice feature.

    Maybe also make different perm nodes for /rename and /relore.
  4. Do You Mean Rename Cost Money or Exp ?
    Use Anvil an rename stuff with it for 36 exp ^^
  5. I think he ability to customize the cost is quite cool... but thats just me.
  6. I Will Try To Add It ^^
  7. @imLore Does this have the ability to remove the potion lores?
  8. No Because The Lore in potion are Default in The Game
    Sorry For Bad English ..
  9. I've seen plugins remove it?
  10. give the plugins home page please :)
  11. Can you add an option to configure the messages? Thanks!
  12. hi, wondering.. could you add separate permission nodes for /rename and /relore.. this would be really helpful.. thanks