Items disappearing; don't know where to start looking

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by JoQsh, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. I'm running a home server (1.8) for my friends and family. One of my players (who I trust, and is Op'd anyway, so he could just give himself stuff when we're not looking) has had things go missing from one of his chests. (Wheat and Cocoa beans at least, maybe more) He also had some jungle wood blocks with cocoa beans growing on them disappear from his garden. Strangest of all, he's been keeping two villagers in a house near his, and they seem to have duplicated recently. There are now 4, and the second two are identical to the first two. (And there are not enough "houses" for them to be breeding) We're not sure why this is happening, or where to start looking for the problem. Any ideas? Here's some possibly relevant info:

    • His chest was on top of a fence post. (None of his other chests have had problems)
    • His chest was located at (or very near) 16, 73, 397. (The villagers were nearby)
    • He has moved the chest a little away, and off the fence. It's impossible to say if this is helping, since things go missing at random, not consistently.
    • Another player had a horse disappear, but I know there used to be a bug where they could escape fences, and I'm betting it was a similar bug and not related to anything I can change
    We're running the following plugins:
    • ChopTree
    • ColorPortals
    • DeathSafe
    • EditableSign
    • GriefPrevention
    • Lift
    • NoWeather
    We haven't had any other problems or apparent conflicts between these plugins. (Although we did with some others, which I have since removed)