Spigot ItemTester 1.3.1

Simply Display Information of an Item you're holding.

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    ItemTester - Simply Display Information of an Item you're holding.

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  2. Is it not just like f3+H? :)
  3. lol no. f3+H does not tell you amplifier and duration of potion effects, for example
  4. this is a simple tool i made for myself to find out various information of an item.
  5. @vk2gpz

    Is it possible to add a way to send this item info to a player?
    I mean: if my friends want to know which enchant I have on my pickaxe, I can do a command and send this info to him. Something like this:
    /iteminfo <playername> --> This will send the item information to my friend ;)

    Thank you for all of your plugin, you do a real nice job, continue like this
  6. check the latest.
  7. So nice, thank you so much for this update, I will download it and use it soon on my server ;)
  8. @vk2gpz
    What is the permission to use to show the items to other players?
  9. same itemtester.info permission node.
    i can create itemtester.info.other
  10. No that's good ;) I just want to know :p

    EDIT: IF you can, it will be useful
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  11. lol, ok, i will add in the next release.
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  12. Thank you so much, I don't know how you can maintain all of your plugins up-to-date and always add new features ... BUT NICE JOB