It's that question again (multi-server permissions)

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  1. vemacs


    • 120 server instances
    • currently each are hooked up to the buycraft master
    • Need something easily deployable, just copy, paste, adjust some numbers, and go
    Current considerations:
    • zPermissions (unsure about caching behavior, but seems to work fine in a small test network)
    • CommandSync with something else (probably not preferred, could result in strange things happening)
    • rsync'd YAMLs with something else (yeah, since this requires some external depends, deployment could be ~iffy)
    • bPermissions Nano (doubt it still works, tbh, but there's a chance that somebody could work on it)
    What are you currently using? How is it working out?
  2. I use PermissionEX with a mysql database and have an extra plugin to reload the permissions every 5min.
  3. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Buycraft on each server instance, with /manuadd {name} VIP
    From within the Buycraft panel, you can now set a command to execute on all selected servers.

    It does mean that I need to replicate the groups.yml files on each server, but since each server has different perms, some that I want on one but not the other, it still allows flexibility.
  4. vemacs


    Seems like zPermissions with versioning would work out best. SQL backend, autoreload every minute if version is changed.
  5. I had a look at Zpermissions and wonder if something could be done with the table names to fit a multiserver setup so you could have different permissions per server but same users synced but its a bit above my understanding I think