Suggestion It's time to add more payment options.

Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by BrettPlayMC, Feb 27, 2019.

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  1. 68B


    You never know, paypal could have dementia :ROFLMAO:
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  2. andrewkm

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    You spent 90 minutes responding to that, jesus, that's 85 more minutes than I would've. That thread is just non sense. Especially the banned by PayPal for selling plugins part.

    I've inquired directly with PayPal management about this during the drama ages ago and it was disproven. I'm nearly 100% sure the banned users had quite the mess going on internally via their accounts violating ToS and straight up being a liability to PayPal, and when locked wanted to make a fuss out of it publicly to promote another place lol.

    Oh boy, what a day on the Spigot forums.
    Time for bed.
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  3. Frankly competitive websites do have Stripe support and it is proven to work. It could be added here. I don't want to start an issue or state names of such websites but it has already been done...

    Yes Stripe is a few more steps to get setup, but it would provide an alternative to Paypal and possibly help some of these devs out.
  4. andrewkm

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    - 95%+ of the market is PayPal.
    - Spigot makes nothing off your resource sales, why would they spend development hours on such an addition when it benefits them and nearly everyone else... nothing.
    - If you're a developer who needs Stripe, how about pool together with other developers who need it, save up quite a bit of money (easily $1,000+), and get someone to code, test, and continuously support the addition.

    No new payments are getting added and no new payments should be added. Can we lock this thread...

    PS: I swear if I owned this site I'd instantly slap a 10-15% tax on every premium resource and milk all these kids complaining about a free platform that is making them millions (combined, easily). The fact md_5 doesn't do that people should consider a straight up blessing.
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  5. This is why PayPal thinks it's ok to charge bullshit high fees and make stupid ToS because they own the marketshare, I hate PayPal with a passion, they close accounts on daily basis with thousands of dollars in it without letting you to withdraw them before hand. There was a women not long ago that had PayPal account closed with $9000 in the balance and PayPal refused to give it back, she had to sue PayPal. You really want to support a company that does bullshit practises on daily basis?

    Because they keep stating they are not a marketplace yet their rules are written like a marketplace and they litteraly offer premium plugins section. How about your compare Spigot's premium plugin rules to another marketplaces.

    As md_5 stated, sPiGoT iS nOt A mArKeTpLaCe, why would someone waste their time and money and resources in implementing that when they can join an ACTUAL marketplace that acknowledges themselfs as a marketplace, behaves like a marketplace and invest their time there.

    Noone is stopping md_5 from doing it, except his ego. Spigot gets hundreds of dollars in donation from not doing anything except providing an established platform, developers have to work hard, making plugins, create a resource page design, create wikis, get approved by Spigot which keep in mind, takes up to 3 months, and you can get denied for little things like "generic plugin name" and you get reset in quoue and wait another 3 months, tutorials, give support to costumers and they have to sell 20 copies of the plugins to make the same amount of money that spigot gets in a single donation, and before you say "Well, spigot has to pay for hosting and upkeep" so does a developer, what do you think? They charge money everytime they update their plugin? No, they make $10 from one sale and all updates are free.

    md_5 stated this few hours ago:
    Go and read rule 7, it doesn't say anything about selling resources outside the platform not does it even mention anything regarding resources, the rule title itself says "No advertising servers, products, or services outside of the "Services & Recruitment" section" with "advertising" being the keyword. He states "selling" is not permitted but the word "selling" is not mentioned once in that rule.
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    Are you seriously suggesting that your work as a hobby resource developer is harder and more time consuming than managing a platform and community this size as well as consistently keeping the spigot server project up to date with the many frequent new Minecraft versions? If that is your perspective then I'm honestly lost for words.
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  7. I believe a good amount of people who are going to buy plugins aren't 18 or don't have access to a PayPal account. Adding Credit/Visa payment options would be amazing.
  8. People who aren't 18 wouldn't have a credit card either? At that point, why not get a parent to use their paypal to purchase the plugin for them?
  9. I never mentioned anything regarding hobby resource developers, developers like GC or Omer litteraly wake up, anwser support tickets, fix bugs and go to sleep, working 14 hours a day. I can gurantee you that md_5 doesn't spend 14 hours a day working on the community and replying to threads and so on, nor do any of the staff. It litteraly takes up to 3 months for a premium resource to be approved, and a simple mistake like "generic resource plugin name" (which should not even be up to resource staff to decide what is considered "generic") can set you back into quoue and before you say "we have a handful of resource staff", so does current #2 biggest plugin marketplace, they have about 4 staff and they manage to approve plugins withing 2 weeks on the same levels as spigot when it comes to checking the code for begginer mistakes and so on, and unlike Spigot, they actually fight leakers and provide tools for developers to implement to prevent someone simply drag n dropping the jar file to a file host and share the link with the world. And the fact that developers like Omer decided to quit the Spigot community, open source all of his plugins and find IRL work because they essentially got bullied of this platform is frankly disgusting because I can gurantee that if you had a boss that made up rules withing your company that did not exist, kept making you lose your salary to a point where you made $xx a week instead of $xxx, you would quit aswell.
  10. It'd be extremely niche for a minor to have a credit or visa card but not a paypal account
  11. I agree, you should add more options ASAP!
  12. You're comparing Spigot which essentially is a website that offers a piece of software that also happens to allow people to publish resources for said software to a marketplace that is dedicated to providing the sharing and selling of software and game related things.

    Spigot also isn't in any way responsible for developers not being able to sustain themselves with their own software.

    Your entire post makes no sense. Comparing apples to pears and saying the flavours are different, I wonder why.

    Sure you probably mean well and want to support the developers but you're giving a rant about Spigot which never ever stated their focus OR goal was to provide a marketplace.
  13. You could always just accept stripe and other payment methods manually and letting PayPal be the default automatic method. You can then add them to the buyer list so it’s just like normal. I have done that for a while and never once had an issue with it. Spend the time to handle external payments, not everything needs to be handled automatically.
  14. I totally agree with your critics to entitled developers who make money of this platform and give nothing in return. I also understand that paypal is an OK payment option, and for some things, maybe even the best.

    That said having at least some alternatives is always healthier. If people need to go from point A to point B, and the only transport method has a really bad service, most people will still use it, regardless of the disadvantages, that does not mean that the service is good, it just means its the only one available, and people value getting from point A to point B enough to endure the problems of that transport method.
    I believe thats at least in part what happens with paypal on this platform, some people would probably prefer other methods, but between not being able to have or sell a plugin or using paypal, of course they choose to use the only alternative that fills their need, paypal.

    Also, I believe it's a bit rash to assume that there isn't a considerable amount of people that do not buy plugins because they do not have paypal just because paypal has good global coverage. Sure, its on a lot of countries, but that doesn't mean everyone on those countries uses it. Also, at least some of the buyers of plugins are the parents of kids, so they can use them, and those parents may not have a paypal account, and do you think most of them could be convinced to make a paypal account just to buy a plugin for their kid? I dont think so. Surely some of them, but im sure some of them wouldn't.

    Finally, about the addition of other payment methods, I believe there were at least some already made plugins mentioned earlier on this thread, and I'd like to mention that the ideal thing would not be to add support for just another payment method, but a payment platform that accepts a lot of playment methods, such as paypal, bank transfers, bitcoin, etc, that way only two ways of payment would be needed. Paypal as a main payment method, and a secondary payment method for anyone who for some reason can't doesn't want to use paypal.
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  15. I think md_5 has expressed himself clearly about the payment options, how someone runs their site is still up to them.
  16. Finally, unreleated to this thread, but in response to the other one that is closed:
    I understand you are a bit upset that plugin developers contribute little to this platform, and I agree that its a dissapointment, but I'd like to mention a few caveats, and make some suggestions to maybe help fix it.

    -Many plugin developers are amateurs, who learned to code just to write some plugins, and eventually got good enough to be able to make plugins worthy of selling, but nothing more. Contributing to the code of spigotmc is a lot harder than writting a premium plugin, understandably, any contributions have to live up to the standards of the current code, and that requires knowledge, both of programming practices, and minecraft source code. Many plugin developers just don't have enough knowledge to be able to do that, specially without at least some detailed examples/tutorials of how to do it, and meet all requirements.

    -It's bit hard to know, what would be a good contribution to make. Maybe a forum or thread could be created, keeping track of important contributions that would be appreciated or could help?
    There could also be a place to post feature requests, or vote for them, and even to gather crowd founding to gather money in order to make it viable to implement them? (not necessairly made by spigotmc, but at least spotlighted on a thread)?

    -The one thing i do find very questionable is the lack of monetary support. If you make money of the platform, you should at least give money to support it if you cant help some other way.
    I can think of two possibilities to help encourage them:
    -Add a popup message to encourage donations every once in a while, when buying a premium plugin, &/or when updating a premium plugin. I think if encouraged its likely that more people would go and donate. I think it would help, wikipedia does it, and I believe it does help at least for wikipedia.

    -Make it mandatory in some way:
    *Add a flat fee to publish a premium plugin, to help at least pay for the review of the plugin and mantainance cost of the platform, or
    *Add a donations requirement equivalent to x% of what you made from your current premium plugins in order to publish a new one?
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  17. You mean financially specifically maybe? Because in that thread md_5 mentions this:
  18. Spigot started as a platform offering a piece of software and then turned into a marketplace that refuses to acknowledge itself as marketplace, if you spent 10 minutes reading all rules related to resources, you would realise it's a marketplace in a nutshell.

    If my post makes no sense to you, don't reply to it, don't quote me, forgot it exists. You also contradicted yourself in your reply twice.

    If you're ok with reputable plugin developers like GC or Omer getting bullied off the platform, please keep on your blindfold and pretend like nothing is happening and that spigot is filled with rainbows and unicorns. Spigot has also proved themselfs as hypocritical. Omer had 8 premium plugins on here, all of them had external payment gateaway but only two of them have been removed and moved to Inactive resources, specifcally two most popular ones, if he broke Spigots "imaginery" rule that everyone has pointed out that doesn't exist of not being able to sell plugins using external method, why did 2 out of 8 plugins get removed when all of them broke the imaginery rule?
  19. I'd just like to mention something, as I've seen people say that stripe accounts are hard to get, which from my experience, isn't true at all. In fact, the process is identical to paypal's. You sign up, add a bank account, and eventually send verification docs. Regarding why it's beneficial, it's not because of countries it may have that paypal doesn't, or for banned developers, the biggest bonus is that it allows minors to use this platform to it's full potential. Sure, minors may already have paypal accounts, but there's no guarantee they'll be able to keep them. Stripe actually supports minors, which make up a huge portion of this community.

    A possible argument against adding stripe for this reason is that minors are immature, and will just cause issues. And to that, well, yes, but with this change also possibly effecting current issues positively, I don't believe the overall workload will change, while developers posting plugins certainly will increase.

    Also, just for clarity, will adding stripe support require extra code in the resource plugin? Or is it already a part of it, and just needs to be turned on?
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  20. in bulgaria you can have a debit card when you're 14.
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