Java Errors. Makes us lose players. Help needed :)

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  1. Heya people,

    When players get in areas with lots of entities they sometime get disconnected and receive the following message: internal exception: software caused connection abort: recv failed

    This only happends when we have our dns linked to our ddos proxy and not to our real ip, when we forward the dns to our real ip there are no issues.

    We use bungeecord, it runs great no errors. But bungeecord + ddos protection doesn't work for us. players get the error message above when they are in a area with lots of entities.

    Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? I already contacted both my host and javapipe. They tried to fix things, but It didn't work out...


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  2. Kainzo, if not mistaken, I am pretty sure he uses Java Pipe and might be able to help.
  3. I already contaced them. They have no clue... :/
  4. I have no real experience with bungee and anti-ddos ... it really shouldnt matter but I'm assuming there's some failure to communicate effectively here.

    Might want to get more people in on this.

  5. Today we will switch from windows server to linux. Maybe that works.
  6. You won't regret that switch.
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  7. I think I won't :) Only thing is, I have no experience with linux... :/ What distribution do you recommand?
  8. I use Debian, it's great.
  9. Sway

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    Ubuntu 11.10
  10. joehot200


    I would actually recommend 12.10, but there really is little difference, and there is more documentation on ubuntu11.10 than 12.10.
  11. How do you control ubuntu? Remote desktop tingies? or through ssh?
  12. Use Debian 8.0 (testing) imo.
  13. joehot200


    SSH, using PUTTY.
  14. SSH is pretty hard... :p trying now haha.. How do I allow connection from port 25565?
  15. What do you mean by this?
  16. I think he's asking how to open port 25565
  17. Got it done, Google is ur best friend... Only thing is.. I have some server running on screen which I didn;t give a name.. HOW THE F.. do I close those :p
  18. Screen -list then find them. Then open them and kill them.
  19. Kill them with command? :)
  20. NVM, I got the kill screen command