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  1. Hello there
    Soon I am going to the High School where at the 2nd year I will be able to start coding using Basic and C++ I already know how to code using Logo and I have created some games using logo...Anyway I would like to know if there are any PDFs or Wikis to help me with Java.After I learn the basics of java (Events,Classes etc)I would like to learn Spigot/Bukkit API which I dont know where to find

    Any help will be gratefully appreciated!

    P.S To be honest I am thinking of studying both Java and IT management! In my country those are different lessons with different uses each
  2. is english your native language?
  3. I speak both English and Greek I have a lower certificate at English anyway yes
  4. Spigot API
  5. Okay, some of the spelling in your post is off.

    Check out the "Java for Dummies 6th edition" book, it is widely recommended as one of the best book's for learning Java.
    The Oracle Java tutorials offer some good insight, but are a bit hard to grasp if you haven't worked with Java before.

    Other than that, just learn some and then work with what you learned a bit and then learn some more.
    Hands on experience is most helpful.
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  6. Thanks a lot
    Yeh sorry for my spelling its kinda late and I am tired
  7. Java for dummies is the best way to go and if you ever get stuck, google is your friend.