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  1. i started learning java from oracles tutorials. i dont have any previous knowledge of programming and wanted to jump straight to java. im having issues learning from oracle as it is very advanced and it doesnt explain everything at the moment they tell you something. i was wondering if you could link me to an extensive java tutorial for total newbies that explains everything. oracle just confuses me. thanks
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    If you don't have any previous programming knowledge, a good way to learn might be through a book (depending on how you learn best). Programming books tend to go into good depths and cover the absolute basics. I've heard good things about the Head First Java books, although I haven't personally used them.
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  3. Whats important is to understand concepts and theory first. You can't jump into deep water before learning how to tread. Start small, read up on programming books, watch tutorials and learn the basics. Once you begin to understand more, you can expand your horizons. All the best in your studies.
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  4. I would highly suggest looking at sites like home and learn. Since Java is your first programming language you have to learn a lot of concepts so the Oracle documentation would definitely confuse you.
  5. right now what i started doing is to learn java from code academy. it has neutral reviews but it doesnt go too in depth so after that ill start oracle. have you heard about how code academy is or used it before? if so i would love to get your opinion on what im doing
  6. I've heard about code academy but I've honestly never used it. I've used teamtreehouse before but that's not free (not sure how alike them websites are).
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  7. Not sure for Java, haven't done anything past lesson 2 (I think?). But I did HTML, CSS, and JS on it. Would be a good refresher but I got a huge sense of "do this to get this" rather than "this is what this process does." To rephrase, I felt like it was telling my step by step instructions rather than what something did in a broader context. Like I'd use it as a supplement but would try find other courses.
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  8. If you want to learn java I would highly recommend online lessons and putting a lot of time and work learning it, And between lessons you could test your new things which you learned in minecraft plugins because if you only do it once in 1 online site doesnt mean you will remember it, you will need a lot of practice and time to lean. Gl with your java journey
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  9. is teamtreehouse good? is it extensive?
  10. Derek Banes and Tutorial Point, Java tutorials are great. Also, improve your grammar to seem more mature about this topic.
  11. Try codeacademy its good, and its free
  12. how can i when i dont have any knowledge. i started 3 days ago. that too on code academy
  13. You can get a 14 day trial with them I'm pretty sure. I never used them to learn Java though so I'm not sure how good their content is on that. But it's a very content rich website with real teachers
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