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  1. Hello im looking to do more mc plugins but i want to learn more java to be more. if you could help it would be great thanks
  2. Try with simple tutorials about Bukkit/Spigot on YouTube. If you have some basic Java knowledge, Bukkit/Spigot can easily be learnt.
  3. If you're looking for basic knowledge of Java, most people would just point you to the javadocs. I understand that it may be really boring, so check YouTube (there are some really helpful tutorials for beginners there). However, I also recommend reading the javadocs, as they're more in-depth and informative, and they won't have any of the "bad practices" that a YouTube tutorial might have.

    I only recommend learning to make plugins once you've gained a solid foundation in Java.
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    You can find a fully made a tutorial on the Bukkit WiKi, with links on where to learn Java programming, too. (here)
  5. There are several links and also YouTube video's which can help you to learn Java. You might also want to take a look at TheNewBoston on YouTube (not sure if he has Java tutorials though).

    I'd also recommend taking a look at the javadocs, especially utils like List/ArrayList and Map/HashMap can be extremely helpful.

    Note that you need to have good Java knowledge before even TRYING to start with bukkit/spigot plugins.

    And never start with Skript :p
  6. I am pretty sure there is a pinned post + a wiki page on this.
  7. You cant learn every bit of java before diving into bukkit, I didnt. I coded so many decent plugins without even knowing how to create my own custom annotation (only knowing what it was when it was placed above a method or class. And pretty much all decent sized plugins have events which involves using the eventhandler annotation. On topic, Id go on Udemy and search "java" and try to find a free java course. Lot more entertaining than just sitting there all day reading the javadocs xD