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  1. What YouTuber should I go to to learn Java? There's a lot of tutorials out there, but I want to learn from a person who knows what they're doing when they're giving a tutorial about Java. And what YouTuber would be recommended to go to for Bukkit/Spigot coding?

    I don't know a whole lot about Java and Bukkit/Spigot coding so that's why I ask, so I can learn more.
  2. I personally like thenewboston a lot, pretty clear and simple to learn. But YouTube tutorials aren't always the best thing.
  3. I know tutorials on YouTube isn't the best way to learn Java, but it is one way to learn Java. ;p
  4. For plain old java, I wouldn't use youtube, I'd use a book so you might want to look into that. For bukkit/spigot, youtube is mostly a no-no... I've used pogostick29dev before but wouldn't rely on it fully. Books are the greatest learning material for programming.

    Note: if you do use youtube for bukkit/spigot, DO NOT use ben/thebcbroz, as explained here:
  5. I've heard TheNewBoston is great. I learned from Pogostick29. He's the best in my opinion ;) You can also PM me if you want help learning.

    Nice signature lol
  6. Pogo doesn't really know how to code. I saw in the comments of one of his miniseries (Survival games I think) something like "Can you teach us how to integrate bungee with this" and he replied "Sure, if you tell me how to"
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  7. Oh, thats interesting. Well, we all have our own opinions. I guess he was good for me specifically, but we're all different. Maybe he just doesn't know bungee, lol. Who would you recommend then?
  8. Not really sure tbh. I learnt the basics from pogo but then just headed over to the docs and forums
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  9. I've tried watching tutorials from Pogostick, and honestly, I don't think he is great at making tutorials. I'll also keep the book in mind, thanks.
    He's OKAY at it, but I don't want tutorials from him. And yeah, I'll consider TheNewBoston, thank you. And thank you for the nice compliment. :p
  10. Learn java from a book first, then for plugins you could look @ open sourced plugins or watch tutorial videos. It doesn't matter how shitty the video is, as long as you eventually fix your conventions and learn proper ways of doing things it's aight.
  11. Why is everyone preaching about books? Honestly, most of them are pretty outdated, and not everyone learns best by good reading good old papers. If you were to watch youtube tutorials, then I'd avoid everyone focusing on the Bukkit API. You want to learn java, and how to apply it anywhere, not how to use an API. Besides, if you don't know java, then knowing the API won't help you in any case. '

    I too would recommend thenewboston, but I'd avoid Pogostick.

    And to fill the holes of missing knowledge, that thenewboston might leave you with, then I'd just check out the official java documentation (it's pretty great, actually):

    Good luck :)