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  1. Doesn't Minecraft itself ship with Java 8 now? At least for Windows. I use Java 8 for my forge mod and have no issues.
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    I am not sure about that one. I don't have a mc client near me atm so I can't check. Maybe they did update. They used to bundle a java rte 7 with the launcher, maybe they changed it recently.
  3. On Windows, it does look to ship with Java 8 (1.8.0_25 to be exact, last I heard Mac will be next to ship with it but they was having issues and was doing some tests.

    I'm assuming OP may be using Ubuntu (or some variant) because of his signature so if that's the case he'd need to update to Java 8 himself.
  4. Forge uses Java 8
  5. Forge works with any version of Java. Including Java 6.
  6. When i was testing a Mod i made and it says please update Java.
  7. Just ran the latest Forge on Java 7 and it works fine, got some recommendation in the launcher in game to update (of course) but all works fine.
  8. Yes i am not saying that it didn't work. I was saying that Forge wants to use 8
  9. Well you was saying Forge uses Java 8 that's all but that's not true.