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  1. Hi there,

    i want to suggest something, which is annoying me (and surely many others) since a long time.

    If you want to post a JavaDoc reference nowadays, you need to do following steps:
    1. Open the JavaDoc website
    2. Search for or navigate to what you're actually looking for
    3. Copy its link
    4. Paste the link in your post
    5. Modify the text to see the full qualified name only
    Finally you made it. A short example of what i mean:
    But it doesn't need to be that complicated!

    So here comes my suggestion:
    A BBCode, where you put the full qualified name of an object or method and it will be displayed as JavaDoc link.
    • [jdoc]org.bukkit.Server#shutdown[/jdoc]
    This would make the life much easier and saves a lot of time when answering plugin development questions.

    Of course this should only be limited to objects & methods of the spigot & bukkit API.
    Since you need to pass parameter types for full qualified names, there must be an attachment like in the JavaDoc link like:
    • No parameters: [jdoc]org.bukkit.Server#shutdown--[/jdoc]
    • One string parameter: [jdoc]org.bukkit.Server#broadcastMessage-java.lang.String-[/jdoc]
    • ... just like the JavaDoc links
    I doubt, that there is a xenforo plugin already, which can do this, so would this even be possible option for spigot to realize?
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  2. Would love that feature!
  3. If there exist an xenforo-addon for this we might have a little chance of this being implemented.
    Otherwise, the answer is probably no.

    I like the suggestion though, it would make liking to certain stuff a lot easier when helping people.
  4. Sounds pretty cool. It has my vote, why not? :)
  5. I support it. If there is no addon already, there sure as hell is a developer who is able to do it.

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