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  1. Please tell me what is the problem? Server flood every 10 seconds this error... Very much asking for help!

    And I sincerely apologize for the error, since I don't know English. I was kindly helped Yandex translator :)
  2. Maybe update Java? Or fresh install?
  3. [​IMG]
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  5. Maybe you can try reseting your config file, or configurating properly... But my first option is to change the plugin. :c
  6. I don't think the reset config help :(

    Help please :(
  7. 3 things:
    1) update plotme core
    2) downgrade plotme core
    3) change to plots squared
    I can't help more with this. And I already make to much spam.
  8. The fact that SkinsRestorer also do not want to work :(
  9. Update skinsrestorer to last version, for my server, is working great :)
  10. The fact is that I have moved from one hosting the game on OVH dedicated server ... And this happens on a new server. In the old hosting everything works fine, and no errors ... :(
  11. Basically the URL PlotMe-Core is trying to access is using a self-signed certificate or one that no longer belongs to a Root Authority because of a glitch(highly unlikely), or it expired and wasn't renewed (likely).
    • You'll have to get the website to use a proper SSL (unlikely, PlotMe is discontinued).
    • You'll have to clone the PlotMe source and use your own UUID fetcher (unlikely, you'd have thought of this and already done it)
    • You'll have to switch to PlotSquared (easy).
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  12. Please help me / SSL certificate installed. I am willing to pay $3-5. Unsubscribe me in Skype - IAlekseyI22
  13. The problem to-date. Decided. Thanks to all who tried to help me!