Spigot JDynmapGriefPrevention 2.5.1

GriefPrevention Addon with Dynmap Support (if available)

  1. I noticed this on our Dynmap:

    They are all the same claim, it's just been resized many times and now appearing as multiple claims on the map. Not sure what could have caused this (aside from the player resizing the claim many times) but figured I'd let you know this happened.
  2. This happens to me all the time, it SHOULD update on the next map update, and it'll be fine! Just takes a little time

    I have a little town going on with a few subclaims, obviously where the subclaim is, it considers it two overlapping claims, therefor the fill colour doubles.
    I was wondering if you could add another "regionstyle:" for the subclaims into the config file. This way I could set set subclaims to have no "fill" color or at least 0 opacity so it didn't look like the claims were doubling up:)
    Hope this is something you can do.

  4. It doesn't resolve itself until a server restart for me. I reported it to the dev and he claims he can't reproduce it. *shrugs* I just ended up making my own plugin to handle it. There is an official plugin from mikeprimm (the dynmap dev) for griefprevention claim markers, and it works much better than this one.
  5. I think thats the one I tried before, the problem with that is the (omg can't think of the name) the info windows that pop up on the dynmap when you click on your claim.
    I prefer this plugin ... haven't had any issues.
    I have noticed my map will show like 100 layers in one spot when I do resize, but after I think 2 of the auto jdynmap refreshes it seems to go away.
    REFRESH 1 = a bunch of extra lines/layers appear
    REFRESH 2 = it all balances itself out!

    maybe also try /jdgp reload?
  6. Does author support this plugin? I'd like to add some features like GriefPreventionFlags support but couldn't find source code. Is it OSS?
    Thank you!
  7. the plugin suddenly stop working as in i need to type reload, when i started the server, it will show
    [06:01:13] [Server thread/INFO]: [JDynmapGriefPrevention] Enabling JDynmapGriefPrevention v2.5.1
    [06:01:13] [Server thread/INFO]: [JDynmapGriefPrevention] Initializing...

    then nothing else, it won't show on dynmap, there are no error, however when i type reload in command, it will work again
  8. Please come back and develop on this again :(
  9. I was able to use it up to 1.16.2.
    It no longer appears in the 1.16.3 Dynmap.
    It's a pity, because there is no alternative plug-in.
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