Spigot JellyLegs Version 2.0

This is jelly legs Plugin with command on/off and Permissions

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    JellyLegs - This is jelly legs Plugin with command on/off and Permissions

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  2. What does it do?
  3. it's remove the fall damage like if you fall from high place you won't take a damage
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  4. Cool plugin, similar to the Archon so people will understand how to use it... If its supposted to, its not generating a config file. I was hoping it would create a txt.yml or something so I can customize the messages. The permission node jellylegs.use doesnt work and I have to give my users jellylegs.*. I am one that gets afraid when giving out permission nodes with a * in it. May we please have the updated permission node?
  5. try it like this because i add the permission and worked with me
    JellyLegs.use try it with the Caps

    and am goning to add the config to the plugin and even you add this permission JellyLegs.* they
    are only two commands /jellylegs and /jlhelp and this dosn't work at the right moment
    Thanks And Enjoy with the plugin :)
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  6. Thank you! I just get afraid when giving a .* permission because if you add a feature and I don't see it, they might be able to abuse it.

    If you ever need another person to help test, contact me, I would love to help.
    I did not fully understand your response about adding the ability to change the messages.
  7. add me on skype so we can talk and see what i can do for you and i really need someone with me to test my plugin
    Skype: gaki_swat you 'll see 2 skype add the name 〖ŁάvєҚяĔĔм〗
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  8. Sorry for the delayed response. Sent you a request a second ago :)
  9. Does this not work on spigot 1.8.7?
  10. yes
  11. Yes it does or yes it does not?
  12. Maybe add in the overview on what the plugin is used for?
  13. It's based on the plugin from The Archon. When you have it toggled on you take no fall damage basically.
  14. when you leave the server and join back in jellylegs are disabled...is there any way to stop that?
  15. I am having a bug when a player gets hit it says test in chat