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    Hey guys!

    A couple of months ago, I worked for a Server network. They had a Jenkins CI running on their server. The developers just commited their changes to a bitbucket repository and then went to Jenkins, built the jar File and then the jar was updated on all servers where it had to. I'm trying to do the same now, however I have no clue of configuring Jenkins and it didn't get any better with the documentation. Can you guys help me with that?

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  2. If you can be a little bit more specific i can try to.
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    I want to allow my registered users building .jar Files as I explained in the first post
  4. Registered Users at Jenkins? Then you have to enable Matrix-Based Security and allow all registered users (they are in the group "authenticated") to see and build projects. If you wan't to do it automatically you have to set up a post-receive-hook at bitbucket/github/whatever.
  5. Setup Jenkins. Add the projects. Then make a custom deployment script.
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    I did that but now I'm missing the permission to read. Is there a way to give my own account a group per SSH?
  7. Open the config.xml in jenkins' home-dir and set useSecurity to false, then set up security again.
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    Okay fixed that one.

    I'm not quite sure how to do this
  9. Well, it depends on what your setup is for the servers you're running it on.