Jessica cheat client ddos

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by NORTBE, Aug 18, 2018.

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  1. Jessica client have command .figure
    When u spam this command all player around you will have FPS drop or client crash, it can crash server too, any solution to fix this ?
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    Yep, Try a packet limiter? If your on 1.8 update, It helps
  3. I think you can limit the max packet send if you have paper
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    Well, could you give us your logs than? What verison? If your on 1.8 id suggest updating as most issues stop when you do this as its an older exploit
  5. Strange... Perhaps it's a booter/DDOS that's hitting off the server..? I'm not exactly sure. Where can you find this client?

    Speaking of crashing, send us a error log of what happens when .figure is executed. Nobody can say for certain what the issue is.
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  6. You can find this client via YouTube
  7. Ok. After I decompiled the client, I found this. (This is actually caused by NBT data)

    jessica/ChatCommands$4;run Attack!

    msg(Ljava/lang/String;Z)V net/minecraft/nbt/NBTTagList

    appendTag(Lnet/minecraft/nbt/NBTBase author
    setTag 0(Ljava/lang/String;Lnet/minecraft/nbt/NBTBase V
    jessica/ChatCommands access$0 ()Lnet/minecraft/item/ItemStack;
    setTagCompound %(Lnet/minecraft/nbt/NBTTagCompound V net/minecraft/network/play/client/C08PacketPlayerBlockPlacement

    The issue can be solved by blacklisting unwanted NBT data from items that are spawned.

    Meaning... you should limit items from being spawned that contained these items...
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  8. Please learn what DDoS is, before throwing that term around.
  9. I'm aware of what that term means... it's to shut off someone's internet, but in some cases, it could also be used if someone were to take down a minecraft server.
  10. Like I said, learn what it means first, before you throw that term around.
  11. [​IMG]
    This is the definition which is not that far apart from what I said 3 minutes ago...
  12. Someone typing in a command to send a bit of packets to the server is not even a megabyte of traffic.
    That's a single person doing 1 thing: That's an exploit abuse.

    One or more people sending an overwhelming amount of traffic from a range of connections to your network to cause a denial of service (unreachable) to prevent real traffic from hitting it, is a distributed DoS attack.

    They might both have the same result: your server going offline. But in the first thing: you have full remote control over your hosting account, in the second one your hosting provider isn't too pleased with you.

    That it appears to be the same thing for you simply shows you don't understand the difference. And that's fine. You can always learn. But please don't say if some kid using some hack client causing damage to a mc server .. is a ddos attack.
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  13. Thank you, idk how but my players group, have bypass to nbts (itemfixer plugin) now all works fine!
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