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  1. Hi.
    I am using Spigot and Jobs plugins version v2.33.0 and when i open the server
    and an error like this says on the console:
    [Server thread/ERROR] : [Jobs] Plugin Jobs v2.33.0 has failed to register events for class because com/gmail/nossr50/events/fake/FakeBrewEvent does not exist.
  2. Ask the plugin developer to sort it out. He has tried to register events for a class that doesn't exist nothing that you can really do.
  3. You need McMmo. It's trying to load a class from McMmo.
    McMmo is free, also their SHOULD be a config option to disable MCMmo.
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  4. Can you pass me the link to mcmmo? i found this one but its 10usd
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  5. Thanks a lot! No error now:) i had the mcmmo 1.7.9:/
  6. Ok!
  7. The reason is actually because he gets more money from people buying it then back when he accepted donations. More money = faster updates.
  8. I understand but still.
    Noobs buy his plugin.
    I get for free :)
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