Jobs Reborn Issue

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Ergenta, Jul 4, 2021.

  1. Using jobs reborn, how do you get this to work?
    Code (Text):
          income: 1000.5
          experience: 1000.5
    Here's the mob in mythicmobs
    Code (Text):
      Type: HUSK
      Display: '&8[&7Lv&23&8] &fTunnel Dweller'
      Health: 25
        PreventOtherDrops: true
        PreventRandomEquipment: true
        MaxCombatDistance: 30
        AlwaysShowName: true
        FollowRange: 20
        ShowHealth: true
      - command{c="md drop tier primal dungeons <caster.l.x> <caster.l.y> <caster.l.z>"} [USER=85735]@TriGGer[/USER] ~onDeath 0.05
      - Tunnel_Dweller_Main 1 1
      - Tunnel_Dweller_Second 1 1
    I tried with and without quotes, both the display and file name
  2. Do I use the display name or file name? Do I use quotes or no quotes? Do I need a '!' or not? I've tried every combination.
  3. So what was the error/solution? Good practice to write how you fixed it.
  4. There's an option to turn on Mythicmobs in generalconfig. Not sure when It was added