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  1. So, I’ve got an issue I’m not 100% sure on how to resolve. I got jobs plugin, I edited it all to the prices I want and etc. But one of my server members has brought to my attention that when he breaks stone for miner job he is losing money and experience. I think it may be something todo with the progression equations but I can’t understand how it works, can anyone help me?
  2. No one will be able to help you without seeing your config.
  3. What config? Jobconfig or generalconfig
  4. I'm not sure, I've never used the plugin. If I were you I would throw all config files relating to the plugin into pastebins/hastebins and link them here.
  5. and where about do I get to a pastebin/hastebin?
  7. k now I just seem stupid:unsure:, thankyou!
  8. No problem haha :ROFLMAO:
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  9. You modified the income-progression which maybe contains incorrect values. If you don't know how that option works, then leave it default. Make a backup to the current jobConfig file and create a new by reloading the plugin.
  10. I did not touch the income-progression all I did was change the prices of the jobs and a few names
  11. Update: Its only happening to miner, and its when he joined more then 2 jobs, every job he joined after that just took money away from the others. I have it set to 2 jobs at default, I have ranks on my server so certain ranks get more jobs, but as you can tell this is getting hella messed up and idk how to fix it.
  12. Disable PlaceAndBreakProtection option in generalConfig file.
  13. I’ll be sure to change it when I get home, I did take a quick look in the file for the restricted blocks and it doesn’t show stone and that’s the block it’s most noticeable, I’ll post an update when I get to change it around to see if it fixed it.
  14. Update: I turned it off and nothing is changed, people with more then 2 jobs are still losing money and exp with each extra job there joining
  15. Please send a screenshot about the problem and send the jobConfig file where the that job is.
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  16. with further investigation its come to my attention, its doing it to every job, once they joined 2 jobs and get to the rank that allows 3, once they join the 3rd job it just takes away 10 cents and .10 exp from the other job payouts, it has todo with the job equations ive looked at everything else unless im missing something that's very obvious
  17. There’s a setting where you gain less money and exp the more jobs you have. You might’ve modified that resulting in this effect
  18. where is this? I don't recall changing it as I only changed the job prices, blocks and names but ill go look into/for it
  19. Problem is still not resolved
  20. Try checking for that setting mentioned above in the general config file