Spigot Jobs Reborn 4.17.0

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. in newest version players cant leave jobs. Please fix
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  2. did you check you permissions? i tested this on the latest version, and my players have no problem leaving jobs. come check for yourself. my server address is in my sig.
  3. Is it possible to add custom Items, block, etc as a viable payout?
    I.E. I am going to create some 'Hardened Iron' via Craftbook &MobLoot (Similar to MythicDrops), would it be possible to create a payout for said item?

    If so, how would I set that in the Config?

    [Edit] Really anyway to add a new item would be useful :)
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  4. Point at the block and type /jobs blockinfo
  5. I got an error when working not give money
  6. It's your economy plugin not Jobs

    at org.gestern.gringotts.GringottsAccount.getTimeout(GringottsAccount.java:277)

    Gringotts? check that plugin
  7. How do you enable the bonus feature for jobs? I thought I just added the permissions to the permissionsex file
  8. if you are asking about the command

    /jobs expboost all <amount> will work for all jobs

    pointboost and moneyboost also work the same way
  9. Thanks for the quick reply!

    More specifically, can i do this with an Item such as an Ingot, or Tool that has been renamed, has certain enchants, etc?
  10. Help, look so i installed it to my 1.8.8 Spigot server the newest version of plugin, and then ran it no problems on console, im op and i have the group owner but when i do /jobs it says "No permission" ....... help ive tried older version and even adding all the jobs perms into GroupManager

  11. Thnk you so much i didnt realize the secound half was a penalty!
    Your equation is exactly what i was looking for a flat percent per level
  12. Hi I love this plugin :D I have a small problem though - when my players are farming in particular they get the message every minute (for example) "You need to wait 50 seconds more to get paid for this" or this every hour "You will not get paid till <amount of time>". They are not upset that they have to wait to get paid, more just about the message itself. They get it every minute and hour and it has become spammy. I think I see something in the config that would potentially delay that message but is there is there anywhere I can switch it off all together? I feel like it's unnecessary information.
  13. having same problem.
  14. Hi,
    Does Jobs hook into other plugins? If yes, could it plugin MobHunting from Rocologo? If not, it might be a good idea to start a connection with that plugin, because that plugin pays for killing mobs. So when i'm a Hunter as a job, i get twice credit, and when member of a Kingdom (premium) i should only get paid through your jobs when i'm a hunter, it is that way a bit more fair, don't you think?
  15. the author of MobHunting always can do it himself if he is willing to

    there is a JobsPaymentEvent which you can cancel

    I think author of Jobs plugin is currently busy or out of work, so it might be a good idea to contact the author of MobHunting instead.
  16. how does is work "the points" on jobs reborn. I mean if i have money and xp for get more lv, What do "the poins" there?
  17. the points are for a shop. you do /jobs shop somthing like that and a gui comes up for you to spend the points