Spigot Jobs Reborn

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. Sorry, I misread your update. I thought that was replacing the GUI. I have always thought text based looks sloppy and prefer gui menus. I think it's fine for what it is.
  2. Hello Author :) Love your new big update for jobs reborn and is one of the best features. But I was wondering where are the quests setting located in like the code (text) I only can find the daily quest for hours but now where to set it up.
  3. The job config does not update to the current one, so the new features are not found anywhere.
  4. Update translations plz, im using Spanish "es" translation and i cant edit "There are no quest"
  5. So it is necessary XDD
  6. So how do I fix this?
  7. Hi, today i download this Plugin and play that on Spigot 1.12. But Jobs Reborn dont work with MythicMobs Custom Mob Creatorâ—„v4.3.2. Can you help?

    I change the #name of Mob to Newzombie, its 1 of my MMobs. But when i kill him, i dont become Money oder expiriens.
  8. No quests files found...
    So we can not use new features.
    Also I would like to make quests a GUI menu.
  9. You have to regen your general and job configs. Make a backup -- it's easy enough to copy things over into the new ones.
  10. Several of my Jobs aren't paying out currently. Miner is working just fine, however Hunter (and possibly others, still testing) aren't paying out or giving experience.

    I have MythicMobs, however I have no custom mobs currently. I have MM in the config set to true.

    My jobconfig:
  11. Mine works fine with MythicMobs, but I also have my entities slightly different than what is recommended at the top of the config -- I have mine matched up to Spigot entity types, so you might try that -- e.g. ELDER_GUARDIAN instead of GuardianElder. Dunno.
  12. I'll give it a shot. I know on the Config it says that it's case-sensitive but I've tried both all caps in accordance with Spigot as well as first letter only as stated in the configs. That said, mighta missed one, idk

    Tried both all Caps version of Spigot types, as well as first letter only capped. Still no bueno.


    Also, Taming with Hunter WORKS. Just not murdering things. All other jobs seem fine. I'm assuming it might be with MythicMobs or something
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  13. Hmm. Do none of the kills work? Without intending to be condescending -- just trying to think of possible causes:
    • Since taming works but kill doesn't, I wonder if you have a stray tab or invalid character that's messing up the yaml -- have you tried checking your config with something like http://www.yamllint.com/ ?
    • Also be sure in your testing that you're not in creative -- there's a default Jobs setting that prevents payments when in creative mode.
    Assuming your YAML is valid and everything is up to date, the only way I can see MM interfering is if MM is affecting vanilla spawns, which might require the custom-kill tag. Double check your /plugins/MythicMobs/Mobs and /plugins/MythicMobs/RandomSpawns folders (and the example files in each) -- I seem to remember removing several mobs from the VanillaMobs.yml which overrides vanilla behavior. You might also check ExampleMobs.yml to be sure there aren't any vanilla mobs in there, but the custom examples with names different from vanilla mobs can be left in safely.
  14. It's kind of... odd. Payouts and exp is earned from SOME mobs -- vanilla spawning baby zombies for instance. It's ALSO paying out for what I'm going to dub as "preset" mobs? I have a plugin for custom terrain generation (openterraingen) which also spawns some structures that have mobs in them -- spiders, zombies, skeletons. These AREN'T from spawners (spawner mobs give you nothing).
    So I'm really leaning towards it being Mythic Mobs; will look into and update afterwards.

    YAML is a-okay and I'm typically having beta-testers with default perms test, along with my alt with default perms; AND just for giggles I triple check it with my OP account set to survival to be sure it isn't a perm issue.
  15. Hello,

    I'm trying to convert my database from sqlite to mysql, but everytime i try, on every server i tested i have a server crash with this errors : https://hastebin.com/utigozabam.md

    Do you know what i could try to make it works ?

  16. smmmadden


    @Zrips if maxDailyQuests: 0 in the jobConfig.yml for each job, will that in essence disable quests for that job or do you need to add an enabled: true or false property in another update? I want to add the sames to each of the jobs, but only enable the ones I want at any given point in time.
  17. Your WoodCutter section seems fine to me. Do you have experience enabled? (generalConfig.yml)
    Code (Text):
        Money: true
        Points: true
        Exp: true