Spigot Jobs Reborn

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. Scoreboard list 8., 10., 9. bug?
  2. Thats really strange issue as place numbers can go only ascending order, i will look into this
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  3. Can Mooshrooms be set up to give experience and cash when milking for mushroom stew and/or milk?
  4. Ok thanks :)

    My community found a bug,

    You know when they reach a certain level, they win a permission.

    When they change their job they still have the permission of the previous jobs. seems the levels two.

    Even if i have 100% xp loss after changing in the GeneralConfig file

    Can you check it please =)
  5. This should be happening unless you are giving them permission with commands, do permissions stay after server restart?
  6. hmmm, Mooshroom cows... forgot about thos ones...
  7. nono i use the Permission nodes, not by commands,

    didnt try after a restart :/
  8. Also, wondering if these will work:

    Cocoa beans (item): dye-3
    Cocoa (block): COCOA-2
    Nether wart (item): nether_wart
    Nether wart (block): NETHER_WARTS-3
    Cactus (block): CACTUS

    And when harvesting cactus or sugarcane, do you get paid/xp 3 times for breaking the bottom block of a grown 3-block tall cactus or sugarcane? Would be very kewl if you did. :)

    Great plugin, keep up the good work!
  9. Hallo,

    I have a small problem.
    It always comes this error message:

    "Could not pass event BlockPistonRetractEvent to Jobs v2.43.0

  10. Set StopPistonBlockMove to false in generalConfig file, then reload plugin
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  11. I recently encountered a problem with this plug-in, it says " Sorry, no money left in national bank! " ... I don' know how to resolve this problem , i hope you will help me ...
    Thanks !
  12. Lag issues while the message "you have been paid" will see if it changes with the option set false
  13. GeneralConfig file -> Economy -> UseServerAcount -> False
    Thx m8
  14. Thanks a lot ;) !
  15. Is there a way that jobs statics be diferent on each worlds?
  16. Where do I change the max level for the jobs? I've been searching the files and can't see it (either that or I just don't get it - which is likely).

    And how do I slow down the level and income progression? I went from 0 to level 6 harvesting and planting a small area of wheat with the farmer job.
  17. Code (Text):
        fullname: Miner
        shortname: M
        description: Earns money mining minerals and ores.
        ChatColour: DARK_GRAY
        chat-display: full
        max-level: 10
    for leveling just change this ones:
    Code (Text):
        leveling-progression-equation: 100*((1.13+(0.01*(numjobs-1)))^(joblevel-1))
        income-progression-equation: baseincome*((1.05)^(joblevel-1))
        experience-progression-equation: baseexperience*((1.05)^(joblevel-1))
  18. May i ask where i change/remove the message players get in game when they get money/XP from doing things?
    "You got paid for 2.0 and got 2.0 exp"
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  19. Anyone able to help me out? I'm trying to st up my config so that my basic/starter group can only go up to lv 30, while I have my other groups that can go up to 50 and one for 100. Is anyone able to show me where and how to do this?