Spigot Jobs Reborn

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. Sorry if this sounded to harsh, just i'm kind of tired from peps complaining that something don't work when its working just fine with correct setup. Paste your general config file, restrictedBlocks file and describe what you want to protect and i think we can sort it out easily.
  2. It's ok. I know how you must get driven crazy by incorrect setup and complaints that aren't your cause. But don't worry about it, I've just updated Jobs now and I'll see what's hampering it, and maybe what I experience might be of some help to others. Who knows, really; there might be another plugin I've got in the way. I'm updating my review to higher stars if I'm able, because I'm finding the extra features of your plugin making Jobs much nicer for my players. Thanks, if I find there's something you can guide me with that's in the configs that I don't get, I'll try your suggestion. Where's your donate?
  3. Some times there is 3rd party plugins interfering with some stuff, some times incorrect config files, some times strange bugs in plugin. All depends on servers as each server is different and whats working for one, can completely don't work on another even with looks like same settup. And thx for donation, really appreciated :)
  4. there is this bug, with job digger, with a full stack of dirt, you place a block of dirt and, hold down the right button, simultaneously press and hold the left also the block will continue to fare and take off giving money and xp levels without fatigue, can be solved this bug?
  5. Genral config file -> ExploitProtections -> General -> PlaceAndBreakProtection -> true
    you will need to add blocks you want to protect in restrictedBlocks.yml
  6. tnx
  7. For some reason, my server tps drops a lot when I use mcmmo and jobs reborn. Disabling mcmmo or disabling jobsreborn solves the issue, but I'd like to run both plugins at once XD
    A player needs to be in a job and be doing that job for the tps to drop. So I'm guessing it has something to do with block databases?

    jobs config
    general config
  8. Paste your timings, as i don't know issue causing all this. /timings paste ingame
  9. Yes I am having a similar issue with mcMMO, Jobs, and CoreProtect all installed. Timings are absolutely horrible and I have no idea why they are so bad. This only started happening after I updated from the last Normal Jobs from Bukkit build (months ago) to the newest one from here. These timings are consistent. It happens around this time of day when we get 20+ people online. Using MySQL save, async, etc. It's all in the config. With Jobs disabled, there is zero lag.

    mcMMO is hooked
    CoreProtect is not

    Timings: http://timings.aikar.co/?url=12052833
    Another Timings report: http://timings.aikar.co/?url=12052915
    Timings report without Jobs enabled: http://timings.aikar.co/?url=12053309

    Jobs config: http://hastebin.com/sipazewoma.sm
    General config: http://hastebin.com/itirokoyik.vhdl
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  10. I'm currently working on this, until now managed to lover load from 12% to only 0.3%, tested with block break, but this should help for any action in overall, still some improvements needs to be done before posting it.
  11. Okay, thank you. I had to revert back to an older version of jobs, it was just too much lag for everyone. I'll keep checking back here to see about the update.
  12. I disabled coreprotect support and disabled mcmmo block history as well. Now it runs fine at 19.96 tps was down to ~15 with one player online performing a job which interacted with blocks. I did not notice a difference from turning off coreprotect support in the config, but after I disabled mcmmo from saving block data the tps was back to normal. Maybe it is some interraction with mcmmo? Or maybe it's too many plugins saving block data? I didn't try to disable coreprotect and enable mcmmo block data.
  13. Like i mentioned, soon i will post optimized version, currently i'm testing it on mine server with 30~ players. Maybe i will have time to add new cool feature in to it to :)
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  14. Just curious, what's the schedule lookin like for the update? Eager to see the improvements! Loved the new features in the new versions.
  15. Today, maybe tomorrow. Currently waiting how new jobs version will handle 30'ish players for all day long and meanwhile adding new features. Some small, some big'ish.
  16. Some info for current work. With 30 players in average, time range 7 hours timings as follows. "Little" bit better than before, still need to look into fish and brew event's to optimize.
  17. please, i could need some help with the permissions of this plugin...
    i'm using the newest version...

    What is the Permission to get the xp/money rewards from jobs?
    only if the players have the "jobs.*" perm, he earns xp/money for doing his job...

    edit: GOT IT! it was the jobs.world.WORLDNAME permission - it was not in the permission-list of the resource... would be nice, if you update the permissions you've added... :)

    anyway, thx for this great plugin
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  18. Zrips updated Jobs Reborn with a new update entry:

    Optimizations and stuff

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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