Spigot Jobs Reborn

A fully configurable plugin that allows you to get paid for breaking, placing, killing, fishing...

  1. Try new version and post your timings, i want to see if thees optimization helped
    Same for you :)
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  2. Will start a timings report in about 6 hours and report back here

    Suggestion for the future: Have the scoreboard automatically go away after 15-20 seconds? Even though the command pops out at you, people keep asking me why it isn't going away.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe an option true/false and if false, you specify how long the scoreboard should stay in seconds
  4. I didn't really investigate this, but I am curious if it came up before.
    One of my servers is offline mode, and the jobs of players keep getting deleted when they relog.
    Is this plugin incompatible with md5 hash UUID's?
  5. I'm running myself offline server and until now dint had any issues with player progression resetting on relog.
  6. Ok, nice improvement on block break event, but i will need to remake join and quit events, as they still quite high.
  7. What type of data base are you using? because my server with average of 26 players in last 13 hours got a lot more better timings than yours, i mean ALOT more better.
  8. I'm using MySQL which is probably the problem. My host's MySQL databases are not on the same panel, so it takes longer to go out to the other server.

    I did try to convert it to sqlite the other day to see if that was the problem, but doing so only created a horrendous duplicate jobs issue. I managed to clean them out, but I had tried like 4-5 times to convert it and so each person had like 5 Woodcutter jobs, 5 Excavation, etc. I managed to get rid of those.

    I'm not sure if it is coded to be 1-way transfer TO MySQL, or if you have to do like /jobs convert sqlite or something, but I just did /jobs convert to try to convert it (to no avail.)

    Edit: More timings reports for a good 9 hours: http://timings.aikar.co/?url=12076313
    Edit 2: More timings for around 11 hours: http://timings.aikar.co/?url=12077055
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  9. I will fix converter, well not fix, just upgrade to be more admin friendly. And yea, you need to use local mysql/sqlite data base, as you loosing allot of performance. Like block brake calculation before was like 12ms, now its like 2-3 for each block break. I have saved like 10ms of server time, whats is not much in first look, but in general it was huge improvement as you can see from timings on block break, same is for mysql. Still need to do some think with player login/quit events tho.
  10. I reactivated chunklet in mcmmo and server is still at 19.96-20.00 tps. If I could I would try to force my players to do block breaking jobs for a few hours straight, but no one seemed interested. So I can't really provide any good timings.
  11. If server is not lagging, then its all okey :)
  12. Hi, there are really no way to protect instant breaking blocks like flowers or redstone wire ?

    And its not a big issue but i have an error for placing action with painting and item frame :

    "job has an invalid Place type property: PAINTING! Material must be a block!"

    There are no block id for that items.
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  13. I have a problem here, my sis Woodcutter is level 10 when she did /jobs stats. But when we check the jobs sign it didn't update it and I've gotta do /jobs signupdate [jobsname] all the time which I'm getting tired of it. Is there any way to make it auto-update every second?
  14. It will update sooner or later, its all depending on how often data have being stored in data base
  15. Zrips updated Jobs Reborn with a new update entry:


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  16. Some ideas: (I don't know if they're already)
    - Permission per Job
    - Jobs per world (also xp per world)

    Have a nice day :D (I like this plugin :3 )
  17. Because for Minecraft they all are Fish just fish, try to use data to get otherfishes like Fish-2 for Clownfish or just with id's 349-2