Join 2 BungeeCords, it's possible?

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  1. Hello everyone, there something that has me confused. I am with a VPS and I would like to join it to my other servers and my question or query is. Can you join 2 BungeeCord?
    I know it's stupid, but can it be achieved?

    Hola a todos , ahi algo que me tiene confundida. Estoy con una VPS y me gustaria unirla a mis demas servidores y mi pregunta o consulta es . Se puede unir 2 BungeeCord ?
    Se que es estupido , pero se puede lograr ?
  2. Joining 2 bungeecords at the same time is probably possible with some serious network & server engineering, and I think some of the worlds largest servers like Hypixel use this to keep servers up and running even if one crashes (the fallback will take over). I have no experience with this but I can surely tell you that it's probably not easy to setup, and probably not worth it for you either.
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    I'm not sure I fully understand the question, so, I'll base my answer on what I did get..

    Well, joining 2 BungeeCords at the same time isn't possible (that's basically joining 2 servers). However, using multiple BungeeCords for a single server is possible, and is what we use at some large networks for loadbalancing.

    One thing to keep in mind, Minecraft has no transfer packet, so, you can't have it automatically send them to EU/US servers. You'll need to have those setup separately and sync the stats.

  4. Look, I'll tell you, they gave me a VPS. But I already have my network and I would like to join this VPS to my current network .. that is my question
    You understand me, right
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    You can do this
  6. As ? Of course, if you can know; 3
  7. I believe you are able to Do this but it will take time and skills to setup
  8. The biggest server uses more bungeecord because 1 only bungee can not manage a number ilimiter of person so it to create several bungee and is to connect with an application manages the distribution of the loads (for example haproxy)
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    just setup new minecraft servers on your new VPS, setup a firewall on your new VPS to only allow connections from your bungee server and then configure your bungee and add the new mc servers with the ip of your new VPS.
    no need for two bungee instances
  10. Use RedisBungee.It can combine 2 bungee