Solved Join command 1.15

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  1. I cant find any plugin that will execute command as player in 1.15 the command I want is /server survival and I want it to be executed as op even if player isnt op
    I tried MANY plugins but nothin
  2. the plugin you tried can't work probably because they are Spigot plugins. And since /server is a BungeeCord command and Spigot plugins can't use bungeecord commands.. then you can't use a plugin like that. But depending on where you want to execute the command, you can make it work differently. For example, if you are using a menu plugin like DeluxeMenus or TrMenu, you can use
    Code (Text):
    '[connect] <servername>'
    (for DM) or
    Code (Text):
    'connect: <servername>'
    (for TrMenu)
    to connect the player to the server.
    If you want to use NPCs, you can use Citizens and CitizensServerSelector by andrei1058 to add a the command /css join <servername> to the npc (to give a command it's /css setCmd <command> so you'll have to do /css setCmd css join <servername>)
    If you want to use another way, tell me and I will try to find how to do it
  3. I want to execute the command as the join to join queue i setted up
  4. like auto command on join for bungee
  5. Never Find found out good plugin