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  1. i find so long time this plugin but never people make this plugin
    when server runing time in 5min
    player get into server in 5min and they will get a money and message"sry this is your rewards"
    after 5 min player get into server then will not receive a money and message
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  2. I'm sorry, but I can barely understand what you're saying
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  3. maybe no , i mean when server run time in 5min player get into the server ,and give them money and message "this is a compensate"
  4. sry for my poor english
  5. So you mean you want players to earn money while playing lets say they are on for 5-10 mins they will earn a certain amount of money?
  6. nope , i mean when u restart your server then that players get into the server in server running time 5 min , and they will get the money and receive a message,after server running above 5 min ,then nothing happen
  7. Alright so just as clarification (i could be wrong) when he restarts his server and it loads back up all the players will start to rejoin, then after 5 minutes of the server being online (not the player) the server will then run two commands like "/broadcast sorry for the restart, here is comp" and "/eco give @a 100".

    however I am not sure how to go about this as no plugins sound like they would do this however, if you could apply for a dev to custom code you that plugin that could work, or two if you use multicraft and a server host then you could do a set time restart like every 12 hours or 6 hours so at 6AM 12PM 6PM and 12AM, and another task as maybe 6:06AM, etc that would run those two commands.
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  8. that right ! so i need this plugin