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  1. Hello.
    When someone join one of our servers, we can't connect to this server about 5 seconds.
    When I try to connect so the server I get this error.

    Could someone help me?
    I use Spigot 848 and Bungee 405 (latest versions)

    I think I get this error since 1.5.2 but I'm not sure :/

    Sorry for my bad englisch .

    Thanks oOFlaashOo
  2. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    You need to set connection throttle to-1 in bukkit.yml
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  3. Similar problem here too. Logging in DOES work, but takes on average about 5-10 seconds. Also occasionally players are getting this error:

    Code (Text):
    playernamehere disconnected with: IOException : Connection reset by peer @
    Spigot: #849
    Bungee: #405

    Setting the connection throttle to -1 does not seem to fix this.
  4. Have you questioned the players who you see this happening to? I notice this exception when when players 'X' out of their client and don't disconnect properly. I could be wrong, but this is just what I have noticed.
  5. I have my players getting this issue too. Already set connection throttle to -1. Any other possible settings to tweak?
  6. Bump same issue
  7. Bumping a year old thread? Bold move cotton.
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