Join event spam, bug or config setup issue?

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    Hey, occasionally I notice players being kicked for "You are already connected to this server!" in my bungee console log. At first I thought nothing of it, then I noticed how I can replicate it and cause my hub servers join event to trigger multiple times.

    How to cause the issue:
    From the Minecraft multilayer screen, double click your server in the list as many times as you can while on that screen and watch your hub and bungeecord consoles. The time you get to double click might be determined by your connection speed and computers cpu. Often I can easily cause 10+ connections/join events to my hub and the proxy. This means the code in my join events like database queries and others actions are called 10 times.

    I am not sure if this can be prevented but it does't feel right and I wondered if anyone has a good solution?
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    Here is a video of me spam clicking my server in the minecraft multiplayer menu.

    I just tested with a VPN and I do not get so much time to double click, I can barely do it twice before leaving the server list screen. I also tried other servers like mineplex without the VPN and again I get 3-4 seconds to spam double click and cause their join event to spam. So it's something to do with my connection? [​IMG]
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