Join Proxy just in BungeeCord does not work

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  1. Hello,

    Im making this post to know how to fix my problem, first of all I have dedicated server. I have 3 servers, BungeeCord, lobby and survival.
    The problem is that I want to deny the access to my others servers and join only to the main server (proxy)
    I know that a have to put TRUE in bungeecord in spigot.yml but this is not to secure, you can bypass it using the hack LiquidBounce or another methods, I have tried to use OnlyProxyJoin and it works and I configured the plugin as the page said, but when I try to join using the bungeecord the server kick me and throw me the message that I have to join to the proxy server.
    this is my BungeeCord config:
    and spigot:

    This is the message that it shows me when I try to join to my lobby server:
    Lobby message.png
    and this is when I join to bungeecord:
    Bungee message.png

    I have tried with many other anti-proxy plugin but I have the same problem for all of them.
  2. Hello, indeed this problem is very problematic on servers using bungeecord.
    I do not know this plugin well, but maybe I could help you.
    The flaw you're talking about is around the bungeecord to connect only through the server port.
    To avoid this kind of problem, I advise you to use "iptables".
    Indeed ipdables allow you to block access to certain ports for outside visitors. You just have to block the ports of your servers and leave only access to bungeecord (25565)

    More informations:

    Sorry, my english is so bad ;-(

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