Joining server or getting status is slow

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  1. Problem:
    - Joining server takes more than 10 seconds
    - The same for ping/status/query

    Other servers solve these tasks faster than 3 seconds.

    To check whether this solution will work for you go to any website that let you do "reverse dns lookup". If you see "DNS Record not found" AND you didn't bind any domain names with your server IP then my solution should work for you.

    You should have domain name binded to your server IP, google help you with this. Then in minecraft you add your server using domain name. Like this:
    14-09-2019 14-09-08.jpg

    BTW you can get free domains(google how, don't want to be claimed advertiser)

    First of all you still need to have domain asociated with IP. But if you try to use IP when addind server then delays wont go away.

    You should add PTR record(click to read about) for your domain.

    At some point minecraft client try to get host name of your server using this:
    Code (Text):
    String getHostName(boolean var1) {
          // If host name not cached then do Reverse DNS lookup. This is where delay happens.
          if (this.holder().getHostName() == null) {
             this.holder().hostName = getHostFromNameService(this, var1);

          return this.holder().getHostName();

    It trying to find domain name by server IP. But if you dont have any domains then it will produce delay. It also depends on DNS servers that client use. For example when i changed my pc default DNS to google's ( delay was ~4 seconds. With provider's DNS that delay is around 15 seconds.Though binding domain reduces delay to 2 seconds for every client.
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  2. What do you mean with specifying port? Minecraft is always connecting to specified port 25565 if you don't add a port manually
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