Spigot JoinQuitMessages 1.9

Sends message when you Join | Leave

  1. Wow Nice plugin.
    Can i share this plugin to a Chinese forum? ( MCBBS.NET )
    I will translate this plugin and mark your name in the post.
    I am a Chinese student
    Let them know this plugin~!
  2. Mm, sure.. thanks...
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  3. But not yet, I'm uploading much better version, only join message, without the default
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  4. This is my first time to reprinted the plugins on the SpigotMc, I will be conscientious!
  5. If you agree with my handling, I will come to your post from time to time, if found updated I will immediately update this plugin in MCBBS!
  6. 是的..但是你必须用英语写

    Yes, I agree, I am honored that something like this happened to me. Getting started and trying to be good. As I said, I agree with the proposal but better describe what you will do with the plugin. I don't mind, but I don't understand how you want to teach them from my plugin
  7. Hi, author, your plugin is very lightweight and I like it very much. Could you please allow me to repost this plugin to the Chinese MineCraft forum MCBBS? I will never spill it. Jar file, they will download to the original download file, I will teach them how to use this plug-in in detail, I hope you allow! Sorry, I forgot to translate English!
    I will download your plugin and run it on the test server, take a screenshot, and introduce it step by step according to the permissions required by your original post, etc., use this plug-in, and I will send a link to your post after reposting!
  8. I said that I allow you to use the plugin, but you teach them how to use config.yml?
  9. I will provide Chinese config.yml for their reference and download, the plug-in must be downloaded from the original, it is inevitable that some newcomers do not know how to set
  10. Also I would like to ask if the plug-in is called joinmessage or jqmessage
  11. jqMessage like JoinQuitMessage
  12. 我已经有授权了,你自己看看上面=,=
  13. Well, if it weren't in Chinese .. I'll check it out
  14. omg - - I just saw it but I already posted it
    我刚看到 但是我已经发帖了 咋办。。
  15. A friend of MCBBS said he wanted to add support for PAPI and multi-permission groups.