Bungee - Spigot JoinTitles 1.1

Why settle for the rest? Yeah lets not get cheesy.

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    JoinTitles - Why settle for the rest? Yeah lets not get cheesy.

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  2. This was built against Java 8, when I get back onto my PC I'll build it against Java 7 and re-upload it. :)
  3. But I have java 8, I have plugins that work just with java 8 :S
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    Balance added + Java 1.7!

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  5. Mhm Major Unsupported usually refers to it not supporting the java version it was built against. I've updated it to Java 1.7 and added a few more things, see if this version works? :)
  6. Yhep, now it works n_________n

    So I have java 7 or 8?
  7. You've got Java 7 :), I used Java 8 as its what I had on my PC but most hosts still use 7 so its no issue! :p
  8. Dammit, Beastnode support told me they used java 8 :S
  9. I've found out some more information from Beastnode. To get a Java 8 node from them you've got to request it as default all machines are Java 7, I'd just stick with 8 though if everything's running fine on 7 :p