Spigot JukeBox - Music Plugin 1.20.6

A plugin which allows you to propose note block songs/musics to your players. SQL integration!

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    JukeBox (Music Plugin) - A plugin allows you to propose note block songs/musics to your players.

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  2. Can you add 1.8 support? :p
  3. It doesn't work on 1.8 ? I don't test on this version, but I think it work ;)
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  4. Nice Plugin. Thank you
  5. You should add a configurable voice file instead of not configurable
  6. A voice file ? What is not configurable ?
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    New command and fixes

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  8. Could not pass inventory click 1.4
    can you fix this bug pls.
  9. Can you send me the entire error please ?
  10. Here you go...

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  11. Okay, I found the bug. I release the patch.
  12. You can add "My Favorite Song" and /play <songname> <player>.
    Good plugin.
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  13. My favourite song ?
    And yes I will add a command to play a music to a player in /adminmusic.
  14. "My favorite song" is a play list for each player. Players can from Jukebox choose their favorite songs to make a song list.
  15. Oh yes it's a very good idea ! For instance a player middle click on a song and it will be added to the playlist, or a thing like this ?
  16. Yes! Player can use middle click or shift+click to do this.