Spigot Jump Pads 0.2 [BUKKIT & SPIGOT]

Jump Pads 100 % configurable : block , message , particle, sound ect...

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    Jump Pads - Custom Jump Pads 100 % configurable : block , message , particle ect...

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    Jump Pads v.0.2

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  3. found a little issue, the plugin works fine. but not in pvp servers, it deactivates pvp for any reasons. i tried this on my kitpvp server and it just disabled pvp :p no clue why. otherwise a nice plugin that works realy good!
  4. Its possible to configure much different pads or just one ?

    Example :
    Stoneblock with pad = Jump 8Blocks long
    Diamondblick with pad = Jump 20Blocks long
  5. hello I am having issues with the plugin when I typed /sk reload all it caused this error: [​IMG]

    I replaced the id with the block name because it will also causing issues
  6. when I renamed the sealantern to stone it still gave the error
  7. Put the id of the sea lantern :)