Spigot Jump 1.8.2

Jump and Run

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  2. Nice plugin !
    It would be nice that after falling "n" times from the trail the player is taken back to the begin of the race or eventually one checkpoint before.
    Anyway great plugin and thanks for your work.
  3. Such as cool ideas as redgloomy said above a number of retry per checkpoint in a config file.
    Possibly a time limit , or no time limit but a function to get a score :
    score = 100 points for instance - 5 points for each fall - 1 point per second.
    Just an idea as you suggest
    This could be used to create at the end a hall of fame for best ans fastest player and encourage competition.
  4. I think, a configurable reward when a player finishes the jump would be a nice feature for this plugin.
    I also think that using water to return the player to the last checkpoint at the beginning ( when it falls ) can not be an easy to use solution ( this would limit the way we can use the plugin in an external environment ).
    I may just suggest ( if not too complex for implementation and if it makes sense for you ) to detect when a y player coordinate decreases by 10 or a configurable number of blocks ( y < last_jump_block y -10 ) from last block.
    This could be a 'fall' detection, and you may teleport the player back to the last checkpoint bloc or a former checkpoint .

    Thank you again for this amazing plugin and taking time to read other player suggestions in order to improve the usability and the game experience.