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  2. Azen0x
    Version: 1.1Very nice plugin guy !

    Can you add an Y detection lose ? For example if you fall in the void and you reach Y = 10, you lose the game.
    Yesterday at 11:54 PMReport
    1. [​IMG]
      Author's Response
      For Example Void Teleport ?

    Yes, if you fall in the void, you lose
  3. Can you add Multiple Jump n Runs ?
  4. Yes
  5. And maybey a fall distance for the reset of the arena (for example: 3 blocks).
  6. Hi es wäre Nice wenn man ein Item hätte das einen tötet und man von neu anfangen muss das würde neue möglichkeiten hinzufügen es schwerer zu machen
  7. Ok werde ich hinzufügen.
  8. Wäre es möglich, wenn du Checkpoints einarbeitest?

    Vielleicht noch ein 1vs1 Part?
  9. There seems to be a big issue with rewards. For example, one of the rewards I have is: eco give %player% 100
    This in theory should give the player $100 on the server. The issue is the command is being run by the player not the console! So the issue is that the player will not have permission running the command, and then will not get their prize. Please make it so the command is run via the console not by the player! If I am doing something wrong, please correct me!
  10. Big Update coming soon
  11. Awesome :)