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  1. Hi,
    I'm having a lag problem in my server, in some areas the lag is extreme, and the TPS is variating too much (still between 19-20.1, but this range expands each hour), this started two days ago, (before that the TPS was remained above 19.9), and I haven't made any change on the configs (just created a new PVP arena with the BattleArena Plugin). Here's the timmings report: http://aikar.co/timings.php?url=6139166

    I apreciate any kind of help that you can provide me.
  2. The problem is that this happened with only 12 users online, and is getting worse
  3. Dmck2b

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    Get rid of PTweaks.

    Someone's got a Golem/Villager farm.

    Why do you need 4 protection plugins? Worldguard, factions, frecious stone and essentials protect?

    Post your Spigot.yml and I'll make a few optimisations.
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  4. I'm using worldguard to protect public areas fron griefing, factions for a PVP world (the users make their own faction and fight against others), precious stones to prevent griefers on players houses (the user buy protections) and essentials protect for general protection rules that world guard dont have (principally prevent storms)

    Here's the spigot.yml
  5. Dmck2b

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    Worldguard can prevent weather, fyi.

    config-version: 3
    - ^(.*)(/login)(.*)$
    prevent-proxies: false
    bungeecord: true
    timeout-time: 25
    restart-on-crash: true
    restart-script: ./start.sh
    netty-threads: 3
    - /skill
    log: true
    tab-complete: true
    - port: default
    host: default
    netty: true
    whitelist: You are not whitelisted on this server!
    unknown-command: Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.
    server-full: The server is full!
    outdated-client: Outdated client!
    outdated-server: Outdated server!
    verbose: true
    enabled: true
    engine-mode: 1
    - 5
    - 14
    - 15
    - 16
    - 21
    - 48
    - 49
    - 54
    - 56
    - 73
    - 74
    - 82
    - 129
    - 130
    mob-spawn-range: 4
    cactus-modifier: 100
    cane-modifier: 100
    melon-modifier: 100
    mushroom-modifier: 100
    pumpkin-modifier: 100
    sapling-modifier: 100
    wheat-modifier: 100
    animals: 16
    monsters: 26
    misc: 16
    players: 42
    animals: 32
    monsters: 32
    misc: 16
    other: 48
    hopper-transfer: 8
    hopper-check: 8
    random-light-updates: false
    view-distance: 6
    chunks-per-tick: 300
    exp: 2.0
    item: 2.0
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  6. thank you very much!
    I'll do this changes, and see if this normalizes the TPS. And other thing, it may be asociated with many player skulls or many frames in the worlds? today I removed the Decapitation plugin in order to prevent more skulls be spawned (because some users exagerated with that)
  7. Dmck2b

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    In total they took up 0.11% of your CPU time, so I wouldn't say so.
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  8. FakePlayersOnline...
  9. md_5

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    Were you <endless1989> on irc? If so:

    In spigot.yml:
    save-structure-info: false
  10. joehot200


    It fakes people, not player counts.
  11. I dont fake players online, I just use it to edit max slots, and the motd