Spigot JumpPads (1.8 + 1.9) v1.1

Cool JumpPads for your lobby!

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    JumpPads - Cool JumpPads for your lobby!

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  2. Make one with Stone Pressure plate please.
  3. Ok, I will add that but because I was and still am ill I can't do it as quickly as I usually try to.
    (Really sorry for the late answer ..)
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  4. Hey I think have found a bug...

    By installing the plugin I noticed that I could not throw my invented by the same stack to another player. It's very embarrassing in some games mode for my server. I hope, if possible, you fix it as soon as possible. Thank you very much !
  5. Hey,
    that issue can't really come from this plugin, for it only edits the PlayerMoveEvent and nothing else. I also don't quite understand this part:
  6. can you make a 1.11.2 Version of this Plugin?