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  1. Was thinking it may be a good idea to have an extra category in the resources menu called Eula Compliant as mojan g are really cracking down on pay2win servers now

    just my two cents!
  2. MiniDigger


    Just a suggestion, use better titles for your suggestion ^^
    why would we need an extra cat for that? an plugin itself can't realy be eula compliant, it depends on how the server owners use that plugin
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  3. In some US states, it is legal to own a gun, but shooting someone is not.
    If someone dies, you would not blame the weapon, only the person using it.

    Lets look at the plugin WorldEdit, is that "Eula Compliant"? by all intents and purposes, YES.
    if you sell access to it, then it is not, so should the whole plugin be put under the "non-eula compliant" section just because one person abused it ?
    no, as you could in theory sell access to all plugins out there, making every single one of them non eula compliant.

    so how would you define a plugin "Eula Compliant" ?
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