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  1. To preface, this is not a request. Well, it is, but not a personal one. Someone needs to make this, for the community's sake.


    I've found that there are many plugins out there which provide worthy experiences. However, not many good ones have been updated for 1.9, work correctly, or are free.

    -Uncomplicated configuration
    -Metadata acceptance

    Not Needed:

    -GUI config
    -GUI race/class selections
    -GUI skillupgrades
    -Racial Spawns

    -A player will be prompted upon first join with a GUI (or command instructions) for selecting a race. The race will give them a single item unique to that species. (The race will provide that player with permanent stat benefits that level up as they level up themselves.) (Races can be changed by a staff member.) (Example: Bill chooses Elf out of 3 other races. Bill gains an extra 3 hearts, and is given an Eye of Ender named "Elysius' Soul".)

    -After selecting their Race, they will immediately be prompted to select a Class. Classes will provide stat benefits as well, also giving the player a Kit that corresponds with their class. Classes may be changed, but with a cost of $X and will reset stats. (Example: Bill chooses the Archer class. He gets a Night Vision I effect and 3 extra stamina levels. Bill decides he wants to be a Swordsman instead, so he pays $5000 and changes, his extra stamina returning to normal, and any other skills reset to default.)

    -As a player levels up, stats will increase by X increment. When a stat hits X level, the player will gain a skill that would be similar to the type of stat. (Example: Bill hits level 20 stamina. Bill will gain Jump Boost I effect for 20 seconds after taking 10 half-hearts of damage.)

    User Commands:

    -rsel <params> = Race Select
    -csel <params> = Class Select
    -reset = Reset Class/Stats, prompt Class GUI
    -skills = Bring up skilltree GUI
    -check <skill/stat> = Show level of Skill/Stat and display Exp:Exp Needed ratio

    Admin Commands:
    -ares <player> <stats/skill/race/class> = reset target player's stats, skills, class, or race.
    -lvlup <player> <params> = Level up Skill/Stat of player, or the player themselves

    Again, to clarify, THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL REQUEST. The purpose behind this post is to inspire someone into eventually doing this.
  2. Sounds like a fairly personal request to me...


  3. A personal request? No. I, and a group of server owners, plus several people on other forums I know, would be fond if this. I'm just shooting the idea out there, so it'll eventually happen.